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managed print services

Should you buy or lease your photocopier?

Photocopiers have been an essential part of the office since the first Xerox models began appearing in the late 1960s. Almost every office in the world now has one, and today’s multifunctional devices do everything from copying to printing to scanning. Businesses often give some thought as to how and where to source their next

managed print services

How much value can Managed Print Services add to your business?

In today’s tough economic climate, managers are increasingly looking for ways to add value to their businesses, especially when it comes to large overheads such as essential printing costs. Printing is an expense which places significant demands on a business, in terms of both the physical costs of machines such as paper and ink, but

Managed Print services how to

How to successfully implement Managed Print Services

Nowadays, many businesses have chosen to implement managed print services as it allows them to considerably reduce the cost of printing. That is because the maintenance of the machines, as well as all the costs of consumables, are all taken care of as part as one single package. The implementation of an MPS such as

photocopier maintenance

Photocopier maintenance: The ultimate guide

When it comes to the photocopier that your business uses, keeping it in peak condition is key. This will not only ensure better copies are produced but also lead to less frustration with reduced breakdown issues on the whole. It will also help to extend the lifespan of the machine as regular maintenance is a


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