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The benefits of leasing photocopiers

Photocopiers are essential items of equipment for most offices and business users, but the costs associated with buying a photocopier can be off-putting, to say the least. There are alternatives to going down the route of buying your new photocopier, for example leasing your machine may well prove a more viable and cost-effective option.

Leasing your photocopier provides a variety of benefits and helps spread the costs of an upmarket modern machine, making it more affordable to move up to a more technologically advanced copier to enhance your business operations. Leasing is an effective form of financing major equipment for any business and offers significant advantages over purchasing when applied to photocopiers and other major office equipment.

Advantages of leasing photocopiers

Some of the principal advantages you’ll find when leasing your photocopier are discussed below:

1. Use state of the art machinery

asl group ltd print services solutions

Buying a photocopier may be a bad business decision as models can be obsolete within a short period of time, meaning you’ve paid out a large sum of money for a product which is no longer suitable for your requirements or does not perform at the optimum levels required by your growing business. Taking your new photocopier on lease terms helps you plan your budget by cutting out any commitment for a major, upfront purchase and reduces your payment to a more manageable and smaller regular outgoing.

2. Tax-deductible

Your photocopier lease payments are fully tax deductible, meaning your company benefits from claiming back the total amount paid for the photocopier, whether you pay monthly or annually. You will just need to enter the photocopier lease payments into your accounts as a legitimate business expense. If you go ahead with purchasing your photocopier, it will need to be entered into the accounts as a capital item, which means you can only claim back a percentage of the total cost in depreciation every year.

3. Easy upgrades

Reducing Print Waste

Your leased photocopier will feature the very latest technologies and, what’s more, you’ll be able to upgrade the machine and trade up to a new model or a copier which operates at higher speeds and volumes if required. If you buy your own photocopier it will depreciate in value and you’ll need to buy your next new model when it becomes obsolete.

4. Save resources

Locking your business capital into an expensive photocopier purchase is not a good use of resources. It makes far more sense to use your capital for business expansion or to purchase business equipment that will appreciate in value over the long term. Leasing your photocopier allows you to reserve business capital for other business opportunities.

5. ROI

Your leased photocopier provides a return on investment via increased productivity levels, higher print quality and cost savings due to affordable payments. The latest technological advances will be incorporated into your new, leased photocopier, making it cheaper to run on a daily basis due to reduced electrical resource requirements and copying speeds will be faster to maximise employee efficiency within your business.

6. Maintenance

If you buy your own photocopier you will need to pay for regular maintenance and repairs when it breaks down and may be tempted to cut corners by using less reputable engineers and mechanics. With a leased photocopier you will generally find maintenance and regular services are included within the lease agreement and qualified engineers will ensure the smooth running of your machine at all times. This can save your business a good deal of expense and time over the long term and ensure your photocopier is always available for business use. Trained and knowledgeable customer support agents employed by your leasing company may also be available to talk you through ongoing photocopier issues and breakdown problems you are experiencing with the machine.

7. Multi-functionality

Modern photocopiers are multi-functional machines, giving users all the advantages of the most recent technology, including scanning, faxing, pdf writing, document management and colour printing. Your new, leased photocopier will be an asset to the office and can be used to replace a variety of obsolete machines and equipment.

ASL Group provides a range of print solutions to businesses of any size. Contact our sales team to discuss more ways in which leasing your photocopier will prove beneficial to your business.

Andrew HoyleThe benefits of leasing photocopiers
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The four types of connectivity solutions offered by ASL

A good connection to the internet is no longer just an advantage for today’s companies, but is an absolute necessity. Of course for some the internet is more vitally important than it is to others, but essentially there are few businesses around today that can carry out their day to day activities without a good connection.

At ASL we offer more than one type of internet connection, this makes it easier to choose the right option for you and means you needn’t ever overspend nor have a service that isn’t fast or robust enough for your needs. These four types of connectivity are: ADSL Broadband, Fibre Broadband, Leased Line (including EFM) and Assured Broadband. Which one you choose will come down to a number of factors which may include budget, internet usage, how essential consistent connectivity is and also whether you want to integrate additional services such as hosted telephony. Getting to grips with these different types of connectivity is easier than it sounds. Read on as we explain the four main types of connectivity solution we offer here at ASL.

ADSL Broadband

ADSL Broadband is a widespread choice; it’s your everyday high-speed internet connection. ADSL Broadband is most certainly an upgrade from home broadband as it is much more resilient and also faster. The true benefit of this option lies in its accessible price point. It’s the perfect choice for small companies who won’t fully utilise one of the more comprehensive connection options. It’s also a good choice for start-ups who are trying to keep costs low in their first year as they grow. In some instances, a business that may be large in terms of employee numbers and output, but doesn’t extensively use the internet, will also find that ADSL Broadband more than meets its needs.

Fibre Broadband

You may have heard of this through its other common name; Superfast Broadband, or perhaps as ‘Fibre Optic Broadband’. Fibre Broadband provides a speedier internet connection than ADSL, that can easily handle most of the needs of the modern busy workplace. In fact it can be as much as five times faster than standard ADSL Broadband. It’s the ideal choice for successful and busy SMEs or perhaps for growing firms looking to invest a little more for a superfast connection.

One key advantage of Fibre Broadband is that it allows firms to take advantage of hosted services without the need to invest in additional and often expensive dedicated connectivity.

Leased Lines

Leasing your own private line in to the world wide web is the only choice for many offices, especially medium to large businesses, business that have high internet usage or depend on constant high speeds, and also firms looking for excellent security. It is the ultimate business-grade solution used not only by large businesses but also educational establishments and local governmental offices.

This is a good choice for businesses who simply can’t afford to be without internet connection, ever. It’s also the ideal solution for those that don’t even want to suffer a slow down or a drop in the service. This uncontended line will not be used by anyone apart from those in your office, making it extremely resilient and also boasting excellent speeds for downloading and uploading, unhindered by the activities of the office or housing block next door.

When it comes to leasing lines there are a few options available, although most choose Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM). This option is quick to install and costs less than a standard type of leased line. This doesn’t come at a compromise in terms of either resilience or speed however.

ured Broadband


Assured Broadband is a specialist choice which is recommended for those using our hosted telephony services. Assured Broadband connectivity comes with guaranteed levels of bandwidth and performance and allows for excellent quality voice calls to be made over it.

If you have any questions about which is the right connectivity choice for you, then please get touch with a member of our team here as ASL who can advise you as to the correct connectivity solution for your office.

Andrew HoyleThe four types of connectivity solutions offered by ASL
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Legalex 2018: ASL Group to exhibit at the UK’s biggest legal expo

ASL Group is proud to announce its appearance at this year’s Legalex trade show, which takes place at the Excel London on March 21st and 22nd 2018.

Legalex is the UK’s original and fastest-growing legal showcase event. It is designed to help ambitious law firms connect with businesses, and to enable them to find solutions to facilitate development. It boasts some of the biggest names in the industry and features a variety of keynote speakers over two days which promise to be information-filled and entertaining.

Some of the speakers at this year’s event include:

Chris Fawcett of Lloyds Banking Group, who will be offering top anti-fraud advice and intelligence.
Richard Hugo-Hamman of LEAP Legal Software, who will be providing an insight into digital conveyancing.

Karen Dunne-Squire of Elation Experts, who will be imparting invaluable advice on achieving business growth.
Chris Bull of Nine Feet Tall, who will be offering his opinions on the modernisation of law firms.
Vince Warrington of Protective Intelligence, a cybersecurity expert.

Brett Johnson of AnglerPhish Security, poacher-turned-gamekeeper and America’s former most-wanted cyber-criminal.

What ASL is bringing to Legalex

As a provider of several essential services to the legal profession, ASL will be offering advice on how to streamline technical and administrative processes to increase productivity, save time and reduce costs on a daily basis.

By employing one or more of the following services, law firms can improve their working regimen, improve customer satisfaction and provide a better user experience:

Managed print services

asl group ltd print services solutions

Printing costs can be a bugbear within the legal profession. Printed contracts, correspondence and official documentation is the backbone of communication across the industry, and the costs can soon add up. By utilising managed print services from ASL Group, law firms can benefit from reduced hardware and consumable costs, improved printer security, reduced paper use and more predictable administrative outgoing costs.

By choosing to partner with ASL, solicitors and law practices can even reduce the amount of time and money spent on printer-related IT issues. Instead, this frees up the team to concentrate on more business-critical tasks.

ASL works with law firms to establish their print needs. After this initial assessment, the most efficient print requirements are put into place to provide a solution suited to all budgets. With high-quality devices from renowned brands like HP, Canon, Ricoh and Epson, law firms are free to concentrate on complex conveyancing and legal tasks, safe in the knowledge that all printing needs are covered.

Managed document services

Reducing Print Waste

Optimising document processes can improve efficiency, reduce costs and help the environment. ASL’s managed document solution offers five core benefits to law firms. These are:

• A reduction in document production costs by an average of 30%
• Improved productivity, allowing law firm staff to focus on more important tasks
• Environmental savings – typically, a 60% reduction in carbon emissions can be achieved

• A more secure document generation process
• Compliance with national and international standards

By combining first-class print and copy accounting software (Papercut MF) with a well-respected document retrieval and archiving system (FileStar), ASL Group delivers the ultimate solution when it comes to reducing unnecessary document reproduction and facilitating the quick tracking-down of important documents when they are needed the most.

Telephony solutions

Communication is the basic foundation of any successful law firm, and ASL provides several services designed to facilitate seamless corporate communication. These primary services are network connectivity, business mobile solutions and cloud telephony systems.

Hosted cloud telephony systems help to streamline the way staff communicate internally and externally, enabling them to work together more productively. In law, a lot of important business is conducted out of the office. Business mobile accessibility allows for lawyers to contact the office or other important parties during breaks in court proceedings or while overseeing important legal documentation signings. Network connectivity ensures all computer systems can access cloud or server-based files and allows for quick research and communication with clients and employees.

See what ASL Group can do for you at Legalex

To find out more about how ASL can help improve productivity and reduce the ongoing cost of printing and communication in your business, why not come and see us at Legalex this year? Our team of friendly and experienced managed document service professionals will be exhibiting for the entire event and will be ready and waiting to discuss your requirements.

Andrew HoyleLegalex 2018: ASL Group to exhibit at the UK’s biggest legal expo
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How to request maintenance from ASL Group

Here at ASL Group, we understand just how vital functioning printers are to your work-flow. There is nothing worse than needing an important document for that imminent meeting and not being able to run it off. This could be a potential disaster but with the kind of help ASL Group offer, this need not be the case.

In the event of an emergency with any of the printing hardware or supplies that you currently use, how can you get in touch with us?

Remote service help

The first option is advised if you are a customer of ASL Group and have a simple query that could be easily fixed. When your print system is set up by us, we will give you a unique PIN which will allow you to gain remote assistance if required. This will be given by one of our qualified service engineers who will be able to help with the issue you are facing. If you find keeping on top of your print supplies a headache too, we can help there! You can also use our website to send in meter readings from your printers or ask for new toner so you never run out again.

Give us a call

If you would rather than simply pick up the phone and speak to us! This is also the best way if you are not a current ASL Group customer but need our help. Our UK based call centre is in the Midlands and this help desk service is a great way to get your problem sorted out, fast. The experienced staff you speak too will be able to clarify the issue and do their best to offer a solution over the telephone. If the nature of the issue can’t be fixed in this manner, then an engineer will be booked to come out in person to resolve.

Request an engineer callout

Of course, if you would rather just book an engineer to come out then this is possible too. Simply visit our website and fill in the form here to request an engineer visit or phone up and ask for an engineer call-out appointment. Make sure to have the machine serial number when you do, along with a description of what the actual problem is. A clear and detailed description will allow the engineer to fix it faster when he arrives. Once the appointment is made at a time that suits you, the engineer will come to your business to resolve.

If you need a hand, get in touch

As you can see, there are a number of ways that ASL Group can help if you are stuck. Simply get in touch with us and we will get your problem sorted out quickly and efficiently. Let us worry about keeping your printers running so you can focus on doing your job. We offer a guaranteed same-day response which means your issue will get fixed without any long delays.

Why use a managed print service?

If you don’t already, then thinking of using the managed print service that ASL Group offers is worthwhile. The main benefit of using this service is for just the reason described above. Setting up and maintaining a print network in a busy office or workplace can be time-consuming and stressful. By using the managed print service ASL Group offer, we take all that away from you.

Our team of fully trained engineers will always be on hand to help keep your machines running at their peak levels with no interruption in service. This means you can just get on with your daily role and always be able to print when you most need too. If you do encounter any issues, our quick response means it will be fixed before you know it by a qualified professional.

If you are having printer problems and need help, then don’t be afraid to get in touch. Any of the above methods will see your query dealt with promptly and your printers working to their optimal level again. People are at the very heart of what we do so we will always do our very best to keep you printing and fix any issues that may sometimes arise.

Andrew HoyleHow to request maintenance from ASL Group
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How ASL Group can help you cut print waste

In the modern workplace, the need to think about the environmental impact of what we print is essential. All businesses now must implement responsible printing practices to help protect the planet and conserve its resources. If you are keen to cut back on your print waste but need some help, contact ASL Group. We are fully committed to responsible printing and doing all we can to help preserve the environment for future generations.

ASL Group follows WEEE guidelines

An important part of cutting back on print waste is what to do with old machines. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) guidelines tightly govern how these old devices are recycled to make sure it is done in an environmentally-friendly way. Here at ASL Group, we fully comply with these WEEE guidelines. This means that if you use us, we will recycle any redundant machines properly and help you do your bit for the planet.

ASL Group also only choose suppliers who take their environmental responsibilities seriously too. We will only work with suppliers who commit to using recyclable materials and try to produce zero landfill, if possible. This again means that by using us, you are helping to look after the earth.

Implementing good practice through MPS

The managed print service (MPS) we offer is the premier way you can let ASL Group help cut your print waste. This will not only make your organisation greener but also help reduce operational costs too. The dream of a ‘paperless’ office may not be feasible in reality but a ‘less paper’ office is certainly achievable.

In simple terms, by allowing ASL Group to set up and manage a print system rather than using desktop printers, you will make great strides towards cutting print waste. A managed service will give true clarity on usage which will then allow you as a business to see where you can improve in this area. Our innovative ‘PaperCut’ software can be setup on your print network to limit the amount of printing allowed and thereby reduce waste.

Optimisation is key

When we are setting up your print system, we will first look at optimising what you will have. This involves replacing any old machines with faster, more efficient units. These new machines will be much more energy efficient which will see you be kinder to the environment compared to using older machines.

You will also find that with a managed print service system in place, staff will naturally print less. By introducing the need to actually think before you print, you will be able to reduce your print waste in this way.

Helpful advice for future use

Here at ASL Group, we can also offer practical tips to help cut back on your print waste. Using the standby mode on your printer is a great idea as it will use much less energy overall than leaving it fully ready all day. Many of our modern machines only use 1 watt of power in standby mode and are print ready in a second for fast results.

Using thinner, recycled paper is another great way to cut back on the energy your printers use and therefore the waste you might have if you do not. Recycled paper is a no-brainer in terms of protecting the environment but using thinner paper is key too. Less material is printed on each page of thinner paper making it a much greener solution.

If you have a duplex function on your printer then use it. This will mean you print on both sides of the paper, halving the amount you use. Obviously, this is superb for the environment and will bring your print waste right down.

These kinds of tips are great for reducing print waste and just the sort of thing ASL Group can help with.

Get in touch with us today!

If you are looking at ways to cut back on the print waste in your business, then get in touch with us today. Our ultra-modern and energy efficient machines are available to buy or lease for instant results. The managed print service we offer will really help you identify where you can improve and make real gains. Let ASL Group help that dream of a ‘less paper’ office become a reality.

Andrew HoyleHow ASL Group can help you cut print waste
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ICA Digital Ltd joins forces with Automated Systems Group Ltd

ICA Digital Ltd, based in Surrey, has now become part of the Automated Systems Ltd (ASL) Group of companies. Established 25 years ago, ICA is a strong and successful MPS reseller, providing document management solutions to over 650 businesses in Surrey, London & the South East.

Commenting on ASL’s 9th acquisition in 9 years, Mark Garius, Managing Director of ASL, said: “ICA is a very strong business that has built a loyal customer base in the south of England and they will add strength and depth to our coverage in those areas. We have made this acquisition as part of our on-going plans for growth and expansion, and we chose ICA carefully because of their fit with ASL – particularly their high standards and commitment to customer service. We are retaining their Surrey office and staff as we recognise that their strong presence in the area needs to be maintained and grown. In addition, their Managing Director, Simon Whapshott, will join the Board of ASL to further strengthen our capability to grow. ASL are looking at further acquisition opportunities as part of our plan to grow significantly over the coming years.”

ICA’s staff will join the ASL team, taking the company’s total turnover to over £23m, headcount to over 115 employees, and they will continue their excellent MPS service, supported by ASL’s additional capabilities. These include a breadth of managed office solutions including telephony/unified communications, security solutions, IT/software support and supplies. ICA will also benefit from access to ASL’s market-leading IT infrastructure that ensures delivery of the highest levels of service to all customers.

ASL was founded in 1991 and is one of the largest independent reprographics print solution suppliers in the UK. It services 5000 customers in East Anglia, the Midlands, London and the South of England, with offices in Cambridge, Great Yarmouth, Milton Keynes, Cannock, Bromsgrove, Central London, Basildon and Surrey

Andrew HoyleICA Digital Ltd joins forces with Automated Systems Group Ltd
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Five reasons to use managed print services

Every company, no matter what its size, could benefit from utilising managed print services. By having an approved managed print service provider managing all aspects of your workplace’s printing infrastructure you are able to reduce waste and save time – money and resources that would otherwise be spent trying to get the disparate parts of your existing print system to work as a cohesive unit.

Here are just five of the very real benefits to your business that you come from adopting a managed print service model.

You will save money

managed print services

The key appeal to using a managed print service is that your company will save money. By some estimations, a saving of 30% of your existing printing costs is not uncommon once you switch to a managed print service model. A managed print service is less wasteful and will save you money on supplies, maintenance and repair costs as your paper and toner usage are constantly monitored so that replacement supplies are ordered and delivered as they are required by the business.

Not only does this mean no more reams of printer paper filling up storerooms for months on end, but it also means that anomalies in your printing schedule can easily be spotted. Is a certain worker making more prints or copies that you might reasonably expect? With the data from a managed print service provider, you can pinpoint such discrepancies and deal with them immediately. Moreover, a managed print service can ensure that your printers are always working to the best of their ability and that they are repaired immediately should they develop a fault. Having a single centralised service to handle all your printing needs gives you one less detail to concern yourself with, and makes sound financial sense.

You will take control

managed print services

With a managed print service you can see an overall image of your company’s print output, allowing you to make changes on the fly and see them immediately adopted across your entire print network. Managed print services also grant you more control over document security, allowing you to precisely know who is printing what, when, and where from. This enables you to ensure that all proprietary documentation is being handled appropriately by those authorised to do so. Additionally, this service can show you how much your enterprise is spending on printing in real-time, helping you to have more control over your business’s finances too.

You will set standards

managed print services

Conformity in the workplace is often seen as a negative trait, but not where your printing architecture is concerned. Having all your printers conform to the same (or similar) make and model makes it that much easier to streamline costs both in terms of usage, and the ordering of supplies and consumables. A managed print service not only allows you to set the standard to which all of your printing equipment will be expected to perform, but it can assist you in selecting the best and most effective printing solution to help you meet those standards.

You will adopt a long-term strategy

managed print services
Adopting a managed print service allows you to keep track your company’s long-term goals for its printer fleet. With the day-to-day running of your print infrastructure taken out of your hands, you are able to prepare and plan for its long-term usage, giving you greater scope and flexibility for growth. With the data collated by your managed print service, you can identify patterns in your company’s printer use and use it to predict future usage trends with greater accuracy.

You will see the big picture

managed print services

A major benefit of managed print services is being able to adjust printing equipment and staffing levels to their needs, instead of having to over- or under-estimate usage. As well as reducing costs, being able to view real-time usage statistics offers you a high-level overview of your company’s overall printing structure, allowing you to spot existing or potential bottlenecks in service that might otherwise not have come to light.

These benefits are just the start. To enquire about how ASL Group can make managed print services work for your business, call us on 0333 577 2834, email us at [email protected], or visit our contact page here:


Andrew HoyleFive reasons to use managed print services
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How software can improve business efficiency

As the day to day demands of IT become more and more complex, many companies are seeking ways to simplify their network and use software-defined services instead. Such services reduce the demand for overworked IT admins, make it cheaper and faster to deploy services like servers, and make networks more efficient and easier to manage.

However, up until recently, the printer has been left outside the drive towards faster, more efficient cloud computing. The humble printer is often seen as last generation technology that doesn’t have any urgency to increase efficiency by adding cloud management. But all that changed with the introduction of Managed Print Cloud Services from providers such as Kyocera and PaperCut.

How cloud managed printers can increase efficiency

The traditional way of managing printers on a network is to use print servers to manage print requests and network availability. This requires hardware to be installed and drivers to be updated manually, which is both time consuming and results in vital driver updates being forgotten.

By implementing a software-defined cloud or on-premise managed print solution, such as that from PaperCut, such inefficiencies can be reduced significantly. Because your printer estate is managed from a single console, network admins can see at a glance which printers require updates, while allowing new printers to be deployed on the network quickly and easily, without the need for clumsy configuration settings or print servers.

Efficiency gains are not limited to management and configuration, either; ink, toner and paper levels can also be monitored from the dashboard, without having to drill down into individual printer settings. This allows admins to be automatically notified when ink levels reach critical levels, with some systems such as Kyocera’s Kyo Fleet management solution able to order ink directly from the manufacturer.

Automatic backup and encryption provides peace of mind for network admins

Cloud-managed print services also allow configuration changes to be saved, so if the worst happens and the printer stops working due to corrupted print drivers, the original settings can be restored quickly without a technician having to physically visit the machine. This reduces printer downtime and keeps end users happy, which is, of course, the main aim of any network admin.

As with any cloud deployment, there are concerns about security. This is particularly important for companies that handle sensitive documents, such as accountants and law practices. For this reason, all cloud-based printer management solutions provide full data encryption using HTTPS (SSL/TLS), helping keep your data safe from prying eyes. In most cases, a cloud-based management solution is more secure than a traditional network printer installation.

Value-added print applications that drive efficiency

Efficiency gains don’t stop with cloud management of your printer estate. Further efficiency gains can be made using state of the art print application software. Applications like eCopy Paperworks allow users to format documents, delete text and hide confidential information before printing, without affecting the original document. This is useful for companies that need to print documents that contain confidential information.

In enterprise print environments, it is important to carry out regular print audits to ensure your printer estate is being used optimally and efficiently. In most organisations, this is a manual process that is extremely time-consuming, which results in overworked admins prioritising other areas first. By using print audit software like Rapid Assessment Key (RAK) or Print Audit FM, network admins can carry out print audits quickly and efficiently from the comfort of their desk.

Easy to use and quick to deploy print audit software constantly reviews the workload of all printer devices on the network, giving admins real-time usage data that can be used to ascertain true print costs and optimally deploy printers across the network. For example, it makes it easy to identify a colour printer that spends most of its time printing monochrome documents. Such a device would remain under the radar using traditional print management techniques.

As you can see, the world of printer management has fully embraced the cloud. Your printer estate no longer has to be kept in its own domain. Cloud-based print management software brings your printers in from the cold by fully integrating your printer estate with other network devices and software.

So, say goodbye to individual print servers, updating drivers manually and dreaded manual print audits by giving ASL Group a call to see how managed cloud print services can benefit your company.

Andrew HoyleHow software can improve business efficiency
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The benefits of leasing a copier

A photocopier is a key piece of equipment for any business – copying is a simple means to distribute communications to both employees and customers. You can’t do without a copier, but you might not have the budget to purchase one right out. Or you might not have the time to spend searching for the right copier, let alone deal with its upkeep when you have one. If you’re looking to take away the hassle of purchasing and maintaining your office equipment, then you may want to consider leasing a copier instead.

Let the professionals take control

There’s nothing worse than a copier malfunctioning at a pivotal moment. ASL can ensure that such issues will never happen again. Not only are our photocopiers super reliable, we take care of the whole operation from installation to maintenance and repairs. With regular maintenance from the experts it reduces the chance that your copier will break down. Give us the responsibility of looking after your copier and you won’t have to worry any longer. What’s more, we’ll save you a bunch of time that you would have spent trawling the web searching for the right copier for your office.

Get the best technology

In order to get the best results, you’ll need top of the range machines. We can provide top notch copiers with a range of functionalities that ensure quality and efficiency. For instance, our colour copiers offer high-quality, full colour print on every single page. Moreover, they have double sided print functionality and this will, of course, save on paper if you’re concerned about the environment and will save you money if you’re concerned about your bank balance!


Save money


One of your premier objectives is, no doubt, to save money wherever possible. You’re running a business after all. ASL offers a range of cost-effective solutions as our copy machines have low running costs. The cost is further reduced as we offer a range of low cost, long-life consumables. Not only is this going to save you money, but it’s also better for the environment. Don’t forget, however, that just because you’re saving money it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on quality. If you opt to lease a copier with ASL, we can offer you quality at highly reasonable prices.

Work at the optimum level of speed and efficiency


We all know that time is money, so you need a copier that’s quick and works efficiently. At ASL, we have a host of mono copiers that will exceed your expectations in terms of speed. In fact, we can offer you a speed of up to 180 A4 pages per minute. For optimum efficiency, our copiers are also multi-functional, meaning they have print, copy, scan and fax capabilities. Therefore, you can take care of all your printing and copying needs with just one machine.


Choose a copier that’s easy to use

copierAnother fantastic benefit of leasing a copier with us, is that our range of machines are easy to use. This is vital as they can be used by a number of people of varying levels of technical proficiency. Our large format printing solutions, which you can use for the copying and scanning of documents up to A0, are particularly easy to get the hang of. Both the operation of the machine and maintenance is simple, meaning a stress-free copying solution for you. They’re compact and run quietly, so there will be no disturbance to your work environment either.

A flexible solution


Purchasing a copier can be a large investment and one that you’re not necessarily ready to make. The great thing about leasing a copier is that you get flexibility. You won’t have to take out a loan or build the capital you need in order to purchase a photocopier, instead you can arrange a contract for a certain amount of time with us. Furthermore, we’re flexible to your copying needs. If you want to lease just one copier or thousands, we can meet your requirements.

At ASL, we offer high-quality, low cost and efficient solutions for all of your photocopying needs. So, if you’re looking to lease a copier or would like further information, call us on 0845 207 7000 or send us an email at [email protected].


Andrew HoyleThe benefits of leasing a copier
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How to tell if your business is inefficient

Inefficiency is a problem that holds back businesses of all sizes. Even if your business is the market leader in the goods or services it provides, with demonstrable technical skill, it can still be held back by systemic problems in the way things are done which can dent profits or strangle growth. In this blog, we at ASL Group take a look at some common reasons for inefficiency, and how you can turn that inefficiency into efficiency.

You manage data poorly

business efficiency

Data can be anything, from where a customer lives to the price of wheat in Bangladesh, and your company probably stores gigabytes of the stuff. Whether it’s digitally contained in spreadsheets or hard drives, or it’s tucked away in filing cabinets, you paid somebody, sometime to collect that data – and you paid for the space it’s taking up. In fact, you’re still paying for it – whether it’s the floor space of your office or the kilobytes on your Cloud solution. So what are you doing with it?

A good business knows where their data is, what it’s for, and why they have it. It might be for marketing, for trend analysis, sales or customer profiling – it’s all there for a reason, and it’s easily accessible. An inefficient business can’t say the same. You can do simple things to change that, however. By conducting a data audit, you can go through everything you store and decide whether it’s useful or not. Old, out of date or incorrect information can be deleted, and relevant information can be stored. What’s important is that you have a concrete strategy for how and why data is collected, where it goes, how it is named, and how often it is cleared out. That way, what you have is useful, reachable and ultimately erasable.

Low agility

business efficiency
Agility is everything in the world of business, and being unable to pivot quickly to match current trends can be a death sentence when technology moves so quickly. An efficient business can quickly identify what needs to happen to match a new trend, while an inefficient business can’t – and that can mean the difference between turning a profit and not.

It’s often said in companies of all sizes that things can’t change because they’ve ‘always been done that way’, and if you’ve heard that said, you’re probably in an inefficient business. But an efficient business makes that a thing of the past. By identifying the potential bottlenecks, pressure points and growth areas ahead of time, the pain caused by having to address or change these areas is much less. It’s hard work now, but in the long run it will make it much easier to ditch the old way and accept the new way, without all the arguing and fuss that slows down change.

Lack of control

business efficiency
Even a profitable and well-run business can get into trouble if they don’t have control of their costs. Projects spiralling over budget, unchecked usage running wild – if you don’t have a handle on it, you can soon lose track, even with relatively simple things like your printing costs. Using systems like ASL Group’s Managed Print Services, you can ensure that you know exactly what you’re spending on printing, and use that information to make informed decisions about your budgeting in future.

Thanks to the 5-phase solution that ASL Group implements, you’ll start by analysing your current usage, and gradually find a way to cut it down as much as possible. Then, you can use the system to optimise the usage on an ongoing basis, to make sure it always falls within acceptable levels. Whether it’s a problem of where you store information, the cost of printing it or the cost of materials, using the 5-phase solution can end up with cost savings as high as 30%, and carbon emission savings as high as 60%.

There are many ways to go about implementing the system, and ASL Group can tailor your programme to your exact needs, whether that’s increased control over what staff can print, increased security in where they can send or store files, or reducing the amount of physical paper documents that end up in storage; there’s the perfect solution that fits your requirements.

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