To accompany and complement many of our products and services we offer a range of cost effective software solutions that add value to your investment. Many of today’s products are not just multi-functional but are also capable of managing their own costs and reliability. Software solutions can identify areas of high expenditure, track the productivity and efficiency of your work-flow and help protect and maintain your investment. We offer a free consultancy service to help you identify which of these will add value to your business. We utilise a combination of Manual auditing and software products such as ‘Print Audit’ and ‘Papercut’ to provide true accountability and real cost savings.

FileStar is a well respected archiving and retrieval system due to its value for money and ability to solve the common problem of “where did I file that piece of paper?”

If you have several filing cabinets they are probably processing “paper documents” on a daily basis – FileStar can help you ensure that documents are never lost; they are quick and easy to find and the office space needed to store documents is vastly reduced.


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