ASL has the ability to design a system for hosting your company’s own software or utilising cutting edge Cloud services technology such as Microsoft Azure, Amazons AWS or Kyocera’s KDDC. Cloud computing enables groups of remote servers and software to be networked, allowing for centralised data storage and online access to computer services or resources. Cloud systems can be classified as public, private or hybrid (made up of two or more Cloud computing systems).

Other available systems

eCopy Paperworks is a user application that allows you to manipulate PDFs, add pictures, delete text, hide confidential information and re-save. A useful system for saving documents which would need to retain some confidential data.

Planet Press is a “variable data” solution. It turns basic page output into powerful modern business documentation, adding pictures and further graphical enhancements.

Kyo Fleet Manager is Kyocera’s new device management solution. When multi-functional devices are added to network, IT administrators need to centrally manage them. Information available to them includes when a device is low on paper or toner, when it has an issue, how long the device has been out of service and also take meter readings.

The Rapid Assessment Key (RAK) has been used for several years for print auditing purposes. It’s a useful tool for large organisations with several sites who wish to constantly review the deployment and workload of “all” printing devices. It is cost effective and very easy to use.

Print Audit FM is a very useful tool for our customers and it provides us with a central interface indicating meter readings. The information is used to streamline the billing process and can also be used by customers who wish to see the information for their site only. A provider independent solution, Print Audit FM also offers excellent value.

DocQManager is a Job Ticketing solution for organisations with a print-room enabling the user to complete an electronic form on their PC. This solution saves a lot of time and effort, as there is no need to take print outs to the print room – it’s all done electronically. The DocQManager software is a sound product and has been used for many years. Developed in the UK, it has excellent support for integration into other solutions.


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