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For many organisations, communications is the backbone of the business, therefore it is vital to have the right phone system in place. There are many compelling reasons for opting for a hosted phone system, and they are growing in popularity; 50% of European companies using IP communications use a hosted telephony solution.


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Hosting your phone system in the cloud might seem like a loss of control, or even security, but in fact it can provide your organisation with greater flexibility and enhanced call management capabilities. On top of this, it gives you a better overview of how your phone system is meeting your business demands. You can then decide which parameters need adjusting to meet those needs.

You decide the number of channels you require, the features you need, when, where and how resources are deployed. You’re in full control of the system.

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There’s no need to invest in expensive on-site hardware and there are no ongoing maintenance costs, unlike a traditional phone system with an on-site PBX. Fixed and mobile phone services can be integrated, offering even more cost savings. And a hosted phone system can provide lower call costs, including free internal calls (this also applies to international sites).

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A hosted phone system offers greater flexibility and scalability. It can, for example, integrate your mobile and fixed line services. A hosted phone system also means your IT team doesn’t have to spend time managing and maintaining hardware. What’s more, as your business grows, your phone system can easily scale to cope with the new demands.

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If a phone system goes down for even a short period, it can have a catastrophic effect on a business. A hosted phone system offers a reliable and resilient solution, with full business continuity features, should a site go down due to unforeseen events. If an issue occurs on-site, calls can be quickly rerouted to other sites, reducing or even eliminating any down-time on your phone system.

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