Board Members

ASL have a wealth of experience on their board, combining the knowledge and expertise gained from holding director level positions at Toshiba, Kyocera and Westcoast as well as the experience of running their own businesses for many years prior to joining ASL. All of this experience enables the board to understand customer needs and ensure service levels are maximised to give users the best experience possible.

Duncan Forsyth


Duncan has a long track record in leading companies from the front. Previously the Group Managing Director at Westcoast where he was a key part of the leadership team that grew the business from a turnover of £35M to a £3B.

During his time at Westcoast he developed extensive relationships across the technology industry.

Joining in 2020, Duncan brings with him a fantastic record and knowledge of managing operations and service, bringing efficiencies that assist the level of customer satisfaction, whilst using his extensive business experience and contacts to help widen ASL’s product and services.

Simon Whapshott

Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer

Simon joined in 2018 following the acquisition of his business, ICA Digital by ASL. Simon brings with him a wealth of experience in
running a successful business where the heart is the service and operations.

Simon has completed a number of projects to guarantee that ASL have a strong infrastructure as we grow rapidly, ensuring the excellent levels of customer service that forms the backbone of our offering are maintained and improved where possible.