Protect yourself against a potential breach of information security

ASL’s Data Removal Service is offered to customers to ensure compliance with their Data Protection Act obligations. It ensures that data stored within the device does not leave with the equipment.

Most copying equipment utilises a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) which automatically stores images of any documents processed via copying, printing, scanning, emailing, or faxing. These images are not deleted, although they are overwritten over time. This data can still be obtained and retrieved by a competent person with software freely available on the internet. Details of your obligations under the Data Protection Act can be found on the government website:

To assist customer conformance with data protection legislation, ASL provide a ‘Data Removal Service’, where we will remove the hard drive(s) from your machine for you to retain.

This service removes the HDD from your device prior to the machine leaving site, thereby ensuring data remains securely in the customers control, and also ensures all other identifiers are removed; labels, stationary, etc . We will then supply and fit a new blank replacement HDD so the machine is returned to a functional state as required of returned equipment. This service is in addition to the basic deletion of the equipment IP Addresses and Address books carried out free of charge as standard practice for any ASL supplied equipment.

ASL will also provide you with written confirmation that this has been carried out so you have a record of meeting any legal requirements.

The customer is responsible for ensuring their own compliance with legal requirements in connection with data retention and protection and ASL does not provide legal advice or represent that the services defined above will guarantee compliance with such requirements. The selection, use and design of any services and any decisions arising with respect to the deletion or storage of data, as well as the loss of any data resulting therefrom, shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the customer.