Shift productivity into a higher gear with DocuWare

Your organization demands lean operations and the agility to move with the speed of modern business. Teams stuck in tedious, time-consuming processes with scattered, incomplete information work hard, but can’t deliver the effectiveness they know they’re capable of.

Modern automated workflow and document management delivers team productivity to leap forward, driving new momentum that shifts strategy and resources from just getting stuff done to jumping into new growth.

Kick-off digitization with one process and then expand as your business grows

Focus employees on high-value, knowledge driven work by eliminating manual tasks

Secure information to meet privacy and compliance needs

Provide your team the information they need — any time, any place and from any device

Going Paperless in 90 Days

Going Paperless in 90 Days

Higher productivity for the modern workforce

DocuWare is an intuitive digital workflow solution that securely captures, moves and archives documents across your processes. By removing the hassle of manual tasks and the headaches of cluttered shared drives, you open more time to focus on the deeper work that matters. Available via cloud or on-premises, DocuWare is powerful enough to operate as a stand-alone workflow solution or as an integrated extension of your financial, HR or sales software.

Accounting: Accelerate AR and AP processes and simplify audits with transparent digital workflows.

Human Resources: Streamline onboarding processes and securely store sensitive personnel documents.

Customer Service: Enhance the customer experience with quick response and timely information to build lasting loyalty

Sales: Equip both field and in-house sales staff with mobile access to current price lists, proposals and contracts, and
never miss a sale.

And much more: Over 12.000 satisfied customers in 90 countries use DocuWare in manufacturing, government, nonprofit, education, healthcare, automotive, logistics, and more.

With DocuWare, you enjoy

Easy-to-use interface for zero business interruption and increased productivity

Flexible cloud or on-premises solutions for seamless IT and third-party integrations

Mobile document access for remote teams and external collaborators

Certified security and future-proof technology for secure, scalable applications

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