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How FileStar can simplify your Document Management

In a modern economy where gaining a competitive edge is more important than ever, companies across the corporate sector are looking to set themselves apart from other firms in their industry in any way possible. As such, the increasing use of digital platforms and technological solutions for age-old problems has become increasingly popular for a

Have you considered printers in your GDPR strategy?

With the modern world becoming increasingly digitised and relying on technological solutions, the issue of data protection has become more and more important. Over the past few years, there has been a growing number of security breaches and data thefts that have rocked major organisations around the world. However, governments and companies across a wide

How Papercut’s reporting increases your photocopier fleet’s productivity

About 90% of businesses are unable to estimate how much they actually spend on documentation. It’s a big number; and, if you run a business or buy office supplies for one, you likely know how expensive it can be. A typical day in the office brings a great many printed sheets, and you’re probably painfully

ASL appoint high-level marketing director to drive forward exponential growth

    ASL, the office managed services group, are pleased to welcome Nigel Allen onto their board as the new marketing director for the group. Previously one of the board at Kyocera achieving substantial growth over the last 9 years, Nigel brings this wealth of relevant experience to the role, as well as providing ASL with


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