ASL Environmental

The Management of ASL recognises the need to have an active policy that protects the environment, promotes good working practices that are designed to minimise the effects of pollution and reduces ASL and its customers’ carbon footprint.

In additional to complying with all legislation and official Codes of Practices related to the environment, ASL has ISO14001 accreditation and has implemented far-reaching policies in all areas of its business operations.

Reduction in printing

Given that paper is thought to represent up to 80% of printing’s carbon footprint, organisations are missing out on a huge opportunity to reduce paper wastage. According to research, whilst over 90% of SMEs recycle toner cartridges and almost 80% offer paper recycling facilities, few are promoting green printing practices to reduce paper usage in the first place.

ASL help customers rationalise the printer fleet, increase the employee/printer ratio and implement print policies to minimise environmental impact. Additionally, we undertake a full audit of your printing and recommend a suite of software to help you control wasted output in your business, from secure print release, setting departmental print quotas to full digitisation of document workflows.


ASL have partnered with PrintReleaf, the world’s first platform that automatically converts your paper footprint into actual trees. 

As you print, you actively replant trees in forests that need it most around the world.

This new initiative will empower your company to regenerate forests based on your paper footprint. The reforestation projects you replant are up to you. It measures your paper footprint based on your cumulative printing. This is done automatically through our print audit portal which we provide to all customers.

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Products & Service

Where possible ASL supplies products that are sourced from ISO14001 accredited manufacturers. That way, our customers can be sure that the products themselves are manufactured and ultimately recycled and/or disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner regardless of supplier. Where possible packaging from the products we supply to our customers is produced from 100% pulp and is recyclable. Additionally, we collect and recycle all packaging from the equipment we install for our customers.

We offer a wide range of laser devices with varying energy consumption levels and can tailor our offering to meet each clients’ economic, ergonomic or energy requirements. We also offer business inkjet devices as an alternative to laser-based devices. With up to 96% lower energy consumption, and up to 94% less waste, inkjet printers use no heat in the printing process, so they consume far less power to help customers reduce their environmental impact of printing.

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Engineers and Remote Fix

ASL has implemented remote monitoring software solutions in customers that ensure machines in the field are permanently evaluated for their efficiency and toners are dispatched on a “just in time” basis so that toner wastage is minimized. In addition, this software allows up to 30% of machine malfunctions to be fixed remotely from our dedicated service centre in Cannock, reducing the need for wasteful engineer visits

If a visit is required, with a technical resource of over 100 people, ASL are able to minimise travel time by having an engineer local to your location. We use GPS tracking to ensure journey planning is as efficient as possible and by providing our engineers with a good level of spares and parts in their vehicles we aim to minimise the need for a revisit.

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Toner Cartridges

ASL operates a 100% toner cartridge recycling scheme for its customers. The scheme covers the complete recycling (with nothing going to landfill) of all the toner cartridges used in copying/printing within the customer’s operations (including non-ASL provided toner cartridges). We provide the customer with a recycling box and when it is full, we collect it and provide a certificate of compliance so that customers can be reassured that the recycling process is effective.


ASL provide charging points at all their main offices and all the Board Directors drive hybrid vehicles. This year we will be rolling out self-charging hybrid vehicles to all our engineers.


Power & lighting

ASL supply the print devices to Ecotricity, the UK’s greenest energy company, and use Ecotricity for our internal energy needs. They produce 100% green electricity and carbon neutral green gas. Ecotricity invests in windmills, solar panels and has planning permission to build its first ‘green gas mill’ in Hampshire to generate gas by fermenting grass and straw. it generates the equivalent in renewable energy that its customers take out of the national grid. Additionally, all main offices have switched to LED for low power consumption.


ASL offer staff the ability to work from home where possible to help reduce the carbon footprint. When we acquire new businesses, we ensure that we maintain a local office which not only improves customer service but reduces travel time for local staff. With such a national coverage ASL ensure that staff are trained and encouraged to use on-line meeting facilities and collaboration tools.


Re-cycling waste bins are used throughout, in office space and staff break-out areas and all shredded waste is recycled.