client services

ASL enrolled a professional bid writing team at the start of 2022 with an impressive 15+ years’ experience in handling tenders and bidding for frameworks. As alternative frameworks come up for renewal, we will be putting our best foot forward to deliver more choice to our valued clients.

The London Procurement Partnership

The NHS London Procurement Partnership (LPP) is a national procurement hub, serving the health community in London and surrounding areas. The LPP was set up and is funded by our NHS members to help the NHS use its buying power to deliver efficiency, value for money and thereby improve patient care.

National Education Print Agreement

The NEPA framework was designed by education and technology experts from within the Higher Education community, making it fit for purpose for the sector. All NEPA approved Print Partners have been selected based on their offering, expertise and experience.

Education Buying

Education Buying is a framework designed for schools, by schools. It enables the education sector to conduct its procurement with ease, and expertise, saving time and money. Their mission is to deliver cost savings of £20m to the sector by 2025, by supporting schools to buy effectively, releasing time, resources, and money, and maximizing their savings on non-staff spending, so they can reinvest into their school.