ASL Remanufactured

Managing over 21,000 machines in the UK means that ASL have a constant supply of machines that have reached the end of their lease, some may have not been used extensively in their previous contract.

As we all become increasingly aware of our responsibility about reducing our environmental impact, ASL have established a remanufacturing centre in the UK with a highly skilled dedicated engineering team. Selecting only the best products, the ASL team put each one through an extensive 12-stage process to remanufacture the devices for future use.

This extensive process includes stripping back the unit to its frame, examining each part and either repairing or replacing with new where required. All firmware is updated to the latest available from the manufacturer to ensure every machine leaving the centre is fit for purpose.

ASL Remanufacturing process (typically 8 to 12 hours labour)


Machine assessed for suitability; we use only the best of the returned machines to ensure reliable operation


Machine tested for operation, memory is cleared and all previous customer information that may have been left is deleted


Machine stripped down to its frame removing and cleaning all panels and consumable items


Machine body is cleaned of dust and dirt and main drive assemblies are tested for smooth operation and replaced or lubricated as required


All internal components are inspected and rebuilt using new parts where appropriate and each unit thoroughly cleaned


All panels are washed down and dried ready for reassembly


Internal units are reassembled and covers refitted


Firmware is updated to latest version and machine is configured to set up the new parts


Test prints are taken to check print quality and paper feed


Machine is configured for specific customer requirements


Quality control is checked by a second technician to ensure every detail has been covered


The machine is wrapped to protect it ready for dispatch

If you would like to find out more about our remanufacturing process or would like to enquire about a remanufactured machine, click on the button below to get in touch.