Complaints Handling Policy

Our complaints policy

We are committed to providing a high-quality service to all our clients. When something goes wrong, we need you to tell us about it. This will help us to improve our standards.
If you have a complaint, please contact us with the details. We will treat all complaints fairly and consistently by dealing with them with due skill, care and attention.

We will maintain suitable records of complaints to allow management to adequately monitor the level and types of complaints received. We will regularly; conduct appropriate training and assessment of relevant employees in the complaints handling process and monitor the performance of those employees against our standards.

The Head of Customer Services will be the senior accountable individual responsible for complaints and will keep performance under active review and will report all complaints to the Board.

We will deal with complaints within the certain guidelines and timeframes and all complaints will be treated confidentially

SLA for Complaints

  • Acknowledge to customer from time of complaint logged (Via Phone and E-mail): 30 Minutes All Accounts
  • Escalation of complaint to relevant departmental manager (If Required): 1 Hour All Accounts
  • Investigatory process to find a resolution and resolve then report back to Customer Complaints Manager: 12 Hours All Accounts
  • Response back to the customer: 24 Hours All Account
  • Courtesy call to customer to confirm complaint is resolved: 72 Hours All Accounts
  • Call closed and completed.

Regulatory and Legal Requirements

The FCA’s rules set out detailed regulatory requirements relating to the management of complaints and its principles for business require firms to conduct their business with skill, care, integrity and diligence, treat customer fairy and ensure there are no barriers to people being able to complain.

Key Controls and Process

A regular complaints related monitoring report will be provided to the Board

  • Complaints acknowledges and recorded upon receipt
  • Complaints resolved within time frames
  • Complaints Summary

Complaints found to be in breach of procedures will have follow up actions which may entails any or all the following

  • Coaching Sessions with Staff member
  • Follow up interaction with customer
  • Training sessions with Staff members
  • Disciplinary Session with Staff member
  • Procedural changes if necessary

Monitoring and Testing

Regularly reviews typically quarterly, ensuring complaints are dealt with promptly, that root causes of complaints are undertaken so that the causes of the complaints are addressed systematically and holistically, and reporting is accurate.

Sue Keywood
Customer Success Director

[email protected]