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Flexible Managed Print from ASL

Scale your print infrastructure to your needs in these uncertain times

The press is full of conflicting information about businesses stating whether they will return to the office, close premises and/or move to a home-working model. This past year has demonstrated that the future is hard to predict.

At ASL we understand that in planning your print infrastructure moving forward, you may be faced with uncertainty in terms of the number of office-based staff you will have or even the number of premises required over the next 3 years.

With ASL Flex we evaluate your print needs, discuss the range of devices that you may need and create a contract that provides you with a level of flexibility to ensure you are not locked into a fleet of devices that do not suit your needs in 6,12 or even 18 months’ time. Within the agreed parameters you can scale up or down to reflect changes in personal/locations – even to cover seasonal requirements.

How does it work?

ASL will work with you to determine your optimum print requirements and potential fleet to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. We appreciate that we now live in an uncertain world where it is difficult to determine what your exact office requirements may be moving forward in light of the new hybrid workplace.

If your requirements change then you can simply return the devices that are on the Flex contract with just 1 quarter’s notice

You can add more to the Flex contract if required

We offer you a wide choice from all the main manufacturers to suit your needs

All equipment (leased and on ASL Flex) will be on a full-service contract

All equipment is maintained by our own engineers who are all trained and accredited by the manufacturers

Example Scenario

You have a fleet of 60 devices up for renewal across your offices. Changes in working practices means that you are unsure if all your sites are now required and even in those that will remain, how many employees will be present there 5 days a week.

ASL Flex will allow you to lease 45 devices on a normal contract length, while the remaining devices remain on a quarterly contract, all with the same service level agreement and cost per page. This arrangement means that you don’t have to commit to a contract that might not be suitable for your future needs. You can review your demand, and if your circumstances change, cancel those devices on the Flex part of the agreement with no financial penalty on the remaining devices.

Turning business uncertainty into an opportunity for greater efficiency

Over the last year, uncertainty has been the order of the day. A global pandemic has meant that consumer habits have changed, retail outlets have closed, and supply chains have been disrupted.

For today’s businesses, survival depends on the ability to be as streamlined and agile as possible. To meet demand when it’s there and to minimise costs when it’s not. The uncertainty in the current economic climate is demanding businesses to be more agile than ever…

Next steps

ASL are one of the largest suppliers of managed print services in the UK and, as such have excellent purchasing power and national service coverage. To take advantage of ASL Flex, talk to us today and take the print headache away.

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