Information Technology

Your business is unique. ASL understand this fact and adapt to the specific needs of your business

Information Technology

Your business is unique. ASL understand this fact and adapt to the specific needs of your business

IT just works

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IT is an ever-changing operation with the need to always be on top of the latest regulation, innovation or complication that may hold your business back. That’s

where ASL can help. Whether it’s completely outsourcing your IT operation and needs to us or working on a specific project, ASL will work with you, providing the IT experts to make you shine.

There’s no point investing in support that just doesn’t apply to you. ASL understands your needs by collaborating with you to discuss and determine them together. Your business is unique. ASL understand this fact and adapt to the specific needs of your business

Our managed services provide clients with constant 24-hour IT support, meaning an ASL expert is just a call away. We have experts who are also available to come onsite, if needed, to resolve your issues. We do this by monitoring and managing your environment, ensuring that potential problems are detected and dealt with before you know anything is wrong.

ASL can tailor our service to match the needs and requirements of your business – no matter the size. Our managed services cover a wide variety of factors, from Incident Management to Service Delivery Management.

Allow ASL to become your virtual IT team and we can make sure we give you the time to do what you do best…manage and grow your business.

Cloud Based Services

We are a server provider that’s proven to be reliable, with a name you know you can trust with your sensitive data. A solid Cloud-Based service will be able to provide you with what you need; back up to one cloud from different locations with simple and quick recovery – so why wait?

The Problem You’re Facing:

You might be wondering if it is time to invest in cloud-based services? Is cloud right for my business? Is cloud expensive? Who can help me with cloud-based services?

Who Can Help?

You have come to the right place. With cloud computing, you don’t need to make large upfront investments in hardware and spend a lot of time on the heavy lifting of managing that hardware. Instead, you can simply manage your Cloud backup using Microsoft Azure – a name you can rely on and trust.

They store your backup data in six individual copies across two locations for added reliability. It saves information in increments, so you can revert your files back to where they were a day ago, a week ago, or even 5 years ago – however long you’ve been using Microsoft Azure.

How ASL Sort It:

ASL are a fully accredited Microsoft  Gold  Partner, who can design, implement and support your company’s cloud solutions. We help you choose what is most appropriate for your IT infrastructure and where you want to be in the future.

As Microsoft Gold Partners, ASL can help clients get the most out of Azure and relative Microsoft packages – from threat intelligence to scalability.

Experts In Remote Working

ASL understand how important it is to have the ability to work outside of the traditional office environment. That’s why, we have experts on hand to ensure that your business can work from anywhere, at any time!

ASL has the technologies in place that allows us to work remotely 24/7, whilst continuing to support our clients. All service desk engineers and support staff will be available via the usual number for any support queries.

Windows Virtual Desktop

New Cloud hosted platform from Microsoft which allows users to access company data and services from any device, anywhere.

Remote Desktop Server

Can be added to a company’s existing infrastructure to allow users to access all corporate data and services.


A VPN solution will allow user devices to securely connect to the corporate network and access all services as if they were in the office.

Cloud Services

Moving core business applications and data onto a cloud platform, such as Office 365, gives organisations a seamless working experience no matter where they are working from.

Cyber Security

If you suffer a cyber-attack, the chances are it will cause considerable financial and reputational damage to your company.

The Problem You’re Facing:

Cyber criminals are not afraid to target even the most resilient organisation, with your assets, reputation and business all at risk. Cyber security is now a global threat, so it is more important than ever to review your security set up.

Who Can Help?

Designing a Cyber Security strategy is a complex task. Luckily, we are experts in this field and our dedicated team are on hand to make sure that your business is not only safe but also GDPR compliant. Cyber-Attacks are dominating the headlines on a regular basis, as the techniques used by hackers have become increasingly sophisticated.

Your data, along with your customers’ data, is at risk. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires businesses to take necessary technical and organisational measures to ensure a high level of information security according to Article 32: Security of processing data.

Tackling Cyber Criminals:

Your organisation now operates in a GDPR world in which mandatory reporting is required and heavy sanctions are imposed for data breaches. Your organisation cannot afford to wait for a disaster to strike – it requires a team of experts to prevent attacks.

At ASL our team specialise in secure IT solutions to prevent disasters from striking your business. Our solutions detect and prevent any attacks before they actually take place. We offer a variety of Cyber Security solutions such as Multi-Factor Authentication, Next -generation anti-virus, Endpoint detection and response (EDR), GDPR Data Profiling, Change and permission auditing, Device encryption, Mobile device management (MDM), SSL certificates, Email and Web Security.

Being cyber secure does not have to be a headache; leave it to the experts.

Our team will be more than happy to listen your requirements, tailor a bespoke solution to fit your needs and budget and keep you GDPR compliant.

Disaster recovery and back up

Arranging disaster recovery doesn’t have to be a disaster. By simplifying your disaster recovery process, your business can continue to focus on its customers, and leave the IT to the experts.

The Problem You’re Facing:

No business wants to experience data loss or outages, but sadly these things happen. At ASL we advise our clients on the latest technology and solutions using our evolving expertise within the industry.

Who Can Help?

No matter how small or large your business or budget, ASL can offer different levels of cloud-based options, should disaster strike. Whether you want a full, virtual machine level recovery plan or a smaller, data-only backup service, one of ASL’s experts will take this headache away and give you peace of mind.

Our Solutions:

ASL Online Backup is fully managed and includes proactive monitoring, the resolution of backup issues, Physical and Virtual environments, Daily incremental backup, 28-day retention period as standard, Full support as standard, Enhanced Redundancy, Speedy Recovery, Better Adherence to Compliance and Security Regulations and Single pane of glass management portal.ASL Disaster Recovery service can of course be tailored to customer requirements and can include physical or virtual servers, VMware and Hyper-V support, Windows and Linux support, securely replicated over the Internet, no VPN required, no cost for compute until DR is invoked, secure remote access via client VPN, application aware server snapshot replication, providing clean recovery of services such as Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange and SQL, up to 5 minutes RPO and 24-hour RTO

Network Operations Centre

To ensure the smooth running of the infrastructure of both our customers’ and our internal systems, ASL are proud to have a dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC) based in our Milton Keynes Head Office.

The Problem You’re Facing:

Your data and your customers data needs to remain private. Unless you have a large budget to support a dedicated in-house team with your networks, it’s an impossible task.

ASL’s NOC team are able to implement policies, procedures, standardise incident resolution, proactively manage alerting and escalations, manage the automation of repetitive tasks and increase efficiencies.

Who Can Help?

The Network Operations Centre delivers a significant uplift in security levels by providing an effective platform to perform backups, infrastructure restores and fully documented reviews.

ASL have purposely built the Network Operations Centre to tackle any matters head on. Our dedicated team of experts are able to aid faster decision making through proactive monitoring of your infrastructure. By demanding real-time, mission-critical information that’s managed methodically, our team only provides the best results.

Our Approach:

Our mission is to inspire people to trust, understand and enjoy using technology within their organisation. The NOC will use this statement to encourage staff to use the technology we have invested in to maintain and update customer infrastructures as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We are passionate about our customers and fully accountable for the solutions we put forward. With a focus on quality and innovation, we continue to partner with some of the biggest names in technology and are proud to have developed long lasting relationships.

Business Continuity Plan

Typically, an IT Business Continuity Plan (BCP) includes a strategy, which involves implementing a solution that can withstand disruption to your business caused by external incidents. For example, a cyber-attack, illness and natural disasters.

Having a BCP will ensure that all communications, security and operations are not hindered in the event of a disaster. Therefore, your business can be prepared for any incident happening now AND in the future!

Ensure that your business operations continue even if a disaster occurs

One event can have a massive impact on the future of any business. For example:

  • Loss of work to competitors
  • H&S liabilities
  • HR issues
  • Supply chain management issues
  • Communication issues
  • Unprotected security
  • IT Data Recovery
  • Employee and external awareness
  • Staff expectation
A BCP provides your business with additional advantages, such as:

  • Obtain competitive advantage
  • Mobility/work from home
  • Prepared for the future
  • Save on unexpected costs
  • Tailored to fit your business needs
  • Obtain employee support
  • Compliant to industry standards
  • Preserve reputation
  • Prepared for anything

SharePoint Services

SharePoint is an intranet and content management system that is designed to work within your organisation and bring all departments together.

The Problem You’re Facing:

Your Sales manager has lost the expenses report, again.. Leaving your Admin team frustrated, after it took them half the day to complete it. What your business needs is a secure place to store, organise, share, and access information from any device – avoiding this type of situation again.

Who Can Help?

ASL are proud to have a specialist team, who are dedicated Microsoft SharePoint experts, focusing on solutions to help your business.

Using our consultative approach, ASL experts are able to produce solutions that can share and manage content, knowledge, and applications that will promote effective teamwork, provide an infrastructure for sharing information and collaboration across your organisation.

How Do ASL Build A Bespoke Solution?

ASL SharePoint consultants work closely with stakeholders to identify possible problems, define the scope of the project and understand the business’s needs. This allows our consultants to build a solution that is completely bespoke and provide your business with a completely different way of working.

Our consultants have built solutions for many clients in different sectors and possess the skill-set to work with many more. ASL are able to build solutions within the following areas: Document Libraries, Lists, Web Pages, Sites and Work Spaces and Site Management Tools.

ASL are not limited to providing only these types of solutions. We can also solve more complex issues such as giving your business systems the ability to link with other lines of business software and mapping business process into an automated workflow.

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