Ensure that your business operations continue even if a disaster occurs

Typically, an IT Business Continuity Plan (BCP) includes a strategy, which involves implementing a solution that can withstand disruption to your business caused by external incidents. For example, a cyber-attack, illness and natural disasters.

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Risk Assessment

Based on your existing BCP, ASL will conduct an IT Audit to access technology you currently have in place.

Explore Your Options

ASL will generate a report containing recommendations for your internal IT Infrastructure.

Execute Suggestions

Together, we can explore the options provided and help you make a decision for the future of your business.

Having a BCP will ensure that all communications, security and operations are not hindered in the event of a disaster. Therefore, your business can be prepared for any incident happening now AND in the future!

The Risks In Play And The Advantages of a BCP

The Risks

One event can have a massive impact on the future of any business. For example:

  • Loss of work to competitors
  • H&S liabilities
  • HR issues
  • Supply chain management issues
  • Communication issues
  • Unprotected security
  • IT Data Recovery
  • Employee and external awareness
  • Staff expectation

The Advantages

A BCP provides your business with additional advantages, such as:

  • Obtain competitive advantage
  • Mobility/work from home
  • Prepared for the future
  • Save on unexpected costs
  • Tailored to fit your business needs
  • Obtain employee support
  • Compliant to industry standards
  • Preserve reputation
  • Prepared for anything

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