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Document Management Made Simple.
Scan & file your documents to the cloud at the press of a button!

Your organization demands lean operations and the agility to move with the speed of modern business. Teams stuck in tedious, time-consuming processes with scattered, incomplete information work hard, but can’t deliver the effectiveness they know they’re capable of.

Modern automated workflow and document management delivers team productivity to leap forward, driving new momentum that shifts strategy and resources from just getting stuff done to jumping into new growth.

Why FileStar?

FileStar is our cloud-based document management service, ideal for scanning and archiving your paper documents. A few reasons why it’s great for you…

Less Paper

Making it easy for you to transfer your paper files to a digital archive. Your files are more accessible in a secure way and makes your paper based processes more efficient.

Cloud Based

Our cloud servers take away all of the hassle and costs of managing your own servers and storage. All you need is a web browser.


With secure access, comprehensive auditing and flexible retention policies, FileStar ticks all the boxes when it comes to meeting your document compliance requirements.

How It Works

With FileStar you can simply scan straight from your device and the documents will be sent to our cloud servers and filed for you without any further intervention (many document imaging systems still require you to have a scan station, a QC station, an indexing station and a document management system for it all to work with!). So, how does FileStar work?

FileStar Cloud Connect App

Scan From Your Copier or Scanner

Paper Gets Turned to PDF

Send to The Cloud

Search And View From Your Browser

Document Lifecycle

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