Disaster recovery and back up

Arranging disaster recovery doesn’t have to be a disaster. By simplifying your disaster recovery process, your business can continue to focus on its customers, and leave the IT to the experts.

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The Problem You’re Facing:

No business wants to experience data loss or outages, but sadly these things happen. At ASL we advise our clients on the latest technology and solutions using our evolving expertise within the industry.

Who Can Help?

No matter how small or large your business or budget, ASL can offer different levels of cloud-based options, should disaster strike. Whether you want a full, virtual machine level recovery plan or a smaller, data-only backup service, one of ASL’s experts will take this headache away and give you peace of mind.

Our Solutions:

ASL Online Backup is includes proactive monitoring, the resolution of backup issues, is fully managed and includes; Physical and Virtual environments, Daily incremental backup, 28-day retention period as standard, Full support as standard, Enhanced Redundancy, Speedy Recovery, Better Adherence to Compliance and Security Regulations and Single pane of glass management portal.

ASL Disaster Recovery service can of course be tailored to customer requirements and can include physical or virtual servers, VMware and Hyper-V support, Windows and Linux support, securely replicated over the Internet, no VPN required, no cost for compute until DR is invoked, secure remote access via client VPN, application aware server snapshot replication, providing clean recovery of services such as Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange and SQL, up to 5 minutes RPO and 24-hour RTO