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Managed print services (MPS services) are an increasingly popular way for businesses to reduce the cost of printing. They deliver a tailored solution for the business and provide a single cost for all printing needs, with maintenance and support services provided as part of the package.

Benefits to the customer include:

  • Reduced hardware and consumable costs
  • Improved printer security and reduced misuse
  • More predictable costs
  • Reduced paper usage
  • Supporting green initiatives

Implementing an MPS services strategy can reduce the amount of time your IT team need to spend on printer related issues freeing them up to concentrate on more business critical projects. Additionally, MPS solutions can help a company move from a paper to a digital document-based strategy, as part of process automation or other advances.

If your business lacks a formal print strategy, we can help implement one and provide guidance on usage to meet your company’s size and requirements while helping to address any identified weaknesses.

So how do Managed Print Services work?

When you contact us for managed print services / managed print solutions, we will work with your business stakeholders to establish the company’s print needs. Based on that assessment, we can provide the most efficient and cost-effective print solution, including colour and mono laser printers among other devices that meet your business requirements, along with clear costings.

Devices are available from leading brands including Ricoh, HP, Epson, Canon, Kyocera, and others. An MPS, as well as providing your business with pure cost savings, can also help provide financial flexibility, support a move to cloud computing and deliver innovative/niche print solutions for companies that would usually find them out of their budget.

ASL will acquire and install the machines on your behalf

When a contract is agreed, we will acquire the hardware, and our engineers will install it along with software and services across your servers and computers as needed. This can include cloud printing services and print queues. Queues require the user to go to the printer and trigger the printing process, so that only essential documents are printed, saving on waste and unnecessary printing. Analytics reporting provides oversight of print usage, and workers can be provided with set limits on how much printing they can perform per day or week.

Off-site support services available as part of an MPS service or our managed print solutions include document management and consultancy, variable data printing services along with storage, archiving and retrieval of data and documents.

ASL provides constant monitoring and maintenance

As part of your managed print solutions contract, ASL will provide an agreed level of service. Our unique dashboard approach provides daily performance measurements across all areas of the print process. Many issues can be resolved with our remote support service, and where necessary an engineer can be sent out to deal with any issues that require personal attention. Hardware can be upgraded or replaced as needed, with automated notifications providing updates to ensure a smooth supply of consumables.

Many businesses use our managed print services (MPS services) to simplify their printing footprint, and most enjoy an excellent relationship with their provider thanks to the level of service provision, savings and efficiency improvements.

What does ASL Group do?

ASL Group is your one stop shop for all things printing. Setting up a printing system for an entire office, or series of offices, can cause a headache for even the most talented of IT professionals. Using our managed document solutions (MDS) and managed print services (MPS) approach, we will take control of every aspect of your company’s print infrastructure, from planning, to purchase, to installation, and beyond.

We will manage your entire document environment to ensure that it stays at peak performance, keeping costs under control and delivering the benefits that you need. Our range of integrated solutions includes:

  • Managed Print Services (MPS)
  • Managed Document Services (MDS)
  • Print Management
  • Document Management
  • Scanning
  • On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid Software
  • Project Management

What are Managed Print Solutions (MPS)?

We have a wide range of products and print management services for office copying and printing. Our broad array can be customised to meet your specific company printing requirements:

Office Environment Services

  • MFP and Printer Hardware
  • Document/Print Management Solutions and Workflow Software
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Consumables and Stationery Supplies
  • Leasing and Financing Services

On-Site Managed Print Services (MPS) & Managed Document Solutions (MDS)

  • Print/Mail Room
  • IT & telecommunications Services
  • MDS, Printer and MFP Management

Off-Site Document & Printing Support Services

  • Document Management and Consultancy
  • Variable Data Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Storage, Archiving and Retrieval

What kind of companies do you work with?

Any business that requires managed printing solutions (mps) will benefit from our printing services, though typically we work with businesses that have office based staff. We’ve worked with retailers, manufacturers, education providers, and even a professional football club. No matter what sector you’re in, our bespoke print solutions can help you.

What’s the minimum number of printers you will install?

For us, there’s no printing job too big or too small. Whether you’re looking for installation of 1 printer or 10,000 printers, we’re always happy to help and taylor our print management services or managed document services (MDS).

Do I have to buy the machines myself?

No, we’ll sort all of that out for you and include the cost in our quote. We work with market leading print manufacturers, including Ricoh, Kyocera, Lexmark, Konica Minolta, Duplo and Epson, ASL can recommend the perfect managed print service and product for your business’ requirements.
All of our printers offer state of the art printing technology and a choice of all inclusive managed print service contracts. ASL offers a wide range of colour and mono printers and copiers, large format printers and copiers, franking machines and duplicator printers.

What kind of machines can you install for me?

We install printers, copiers, MFDs, franking machines, duplicator printers, and 3D printers. Each of these is made by one of our printing partners, including Ricoh, Kyocera, Lexmark, Konica Minolta, Duplo and Epson.

How do you ensure that your managed print solutions (MPS) fit with my business?

All of our print services are bespoke, tailored to the specific print requirements of each and every customer. We will work with your team to understand your bespoke print requirements and ensure we provide a well managed, timely delivery which offers the best printing solution. We can help select, test, deliver, install and network your system as well as train your staff so that you can be sure your organisation can focus on its core business.

Are your document and print services environmentally friendly?

Yes. Our PaperCut software offered to all clients has the following environmental features:

  • Save Paper – set print quotas to encourage responsible use of resources
  • Track Printing – monitor paper usage across all departments
  • Quota Printing – set print quotas on individuals, groups or across departments
  • Manage Mobile & BYOD Printing – manage printing from Android, iOS, Chromebooks and other mobile/bring-your-own devices
  • Reports – access the right information at the rig

What if one of my machines malfunctions or breaks?

We understand that by making your decision to invest in new printing technology and solutions, our ability to provide prompt, reliable service and maintenance is of paramount importance. For this reason, our customers enjoy service and support that is second-to-none. We offer guaranteed same-day response on all of our products; fully comprehensive maintenance agreements at competitive prices and quality servicing by a team of fully trained and manufacturer certified engineers, backed up by our midlands-based Call Centre and IT Help Desk.

How can I book an engineer?

You can find all of the relevant contact details here:

I need support, but I don’t think I need an engineer to come out. What do I do?

You can contact us via remote support, which you can find out more about here:

What kind of payment plans do you accept?

Click here for information about the payment plans we will accept:

Whether you’re looking to lease or buy one printer 10,000 photocopiers, or anything in-between, ASL Group are here to help. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help you get started. Call us on 0845 207 7000, email us on [email protected], or fill in the contact form below.