Booklet Making

Duplo booklet makers range from small, hand-fed desktop machines to fully automated high-quality production systems that can intelligently sheet feed collated and uncollated sets, and everything in between!

Duplo booklet makers and collator towers are modular by nature, so we’re confident of meeting the booklet making needs of your business. With many variants to enable flexibility and a strong upgrade path, enquire today to find out which system best suits your needs.

Duplo DBM-150 booklet maker

Our entry level booklet maker is ideal for low to mid volume users looking to bring booklet making in-house. The modular Duplo 150 complete with edge-trimmer can be scaled up or down as business requirements change. The digital variant comes with PC control and the DFS-2200 sheet feeder, designed to accept printed output from multiple sources with optional printed barcode.

Duplo DBM-350 booklet maker

Easy to use, quick to set up, economical to run, and scalable with your business as it grows. The fully automated system with touch screen controls allows new jobs and those stored in the memory to be set up in seconds, while the high yield, wire fed, robust stitching heads significantly reduces the cost per booklet. The DBM-350 is also modular and can be upgraded in the field. A new module to produce square spine booklets is now available – emulating perfect bound documents.

Duplo DBM-600 booklet maker

Expect high productivity, simple operation and set up, and new application capabilities such as A4 landscape, from the Duplo 600 booklet maker. Fully automatic, with high intelligence and with an optimised PC Controller, the Duplo 600 gets underway quickly and delivers high volume, high quality jobs fast and consistently.

Duplo iSaddle booklet making system

The iSaddle system is the most versatile, agile and intelligent saddle stitcher on the market today. Our range of iSaddles feature increased versatility across format sizes and integrated barcode readers for complete data integrity. In today’s incredibly competitive market, the ability to offer your customers something different in terms of booklet size and substrate can be the key to unlocking the profit door.