DuSense Sensory Coating Embellishment

DuSense – Spot UV

Duplo’s DuSense sensory coater is a high-quality UV spot varnishing device with the smallest footprint on the market. With 600 dpi inkjet heads, the finish is the most accurate on the market, with Duplo’s proven feeding and registration technologies. From design to finish the first sheet is sellable. Add value to your printed products by digital embellishment and differentiate your business by offering products your competitors can’t.

  • Maximum Speed: 1080 sheets/hour
  • Maximum sheet size: 364x740mm
  • UV thickness: 20-80µ
  • Paper thickness: Coated paper 160 to 450 GSM

DuSense PRO

  • As above but with the addition of Corona Unit and Barcode reader.
  • With the addition of the Corona Unit, the DuSense PRO becomes even more versatile, able to spot UV wider variety of substrates from different print engines.
  • The bar code reader for faster make readies and easier file management.

Duplo Digi Foiler

The ideal solution for 3D foiling onto DuSense varnished material. Works perfectly with specially designed laminating films and 3D foil in different colours. Adds even more value to the print, creating luxurious products at exceptionally high standards.

  • Industry leading induction heating system to ensure excellent finish
  • Silicon compound rubber roller to ensure accurate foiling
  • Use with Albyco highly elastic foils