Multi-finishers – Slitter, cutter, creasers

Duplo multi-finishers not only combine the functions of a cutting and creasing machines, but also perforating. Perfect for companies with finishing departments of all sizes, Duplo multi finishers can be operated near line to the digital printer using the same operator for both. Slit, cut, crease and perforate all in one pass – perfect for business cards, greetings cards, leaflets, direct mail pieces and many more multi-process applications.

NEW DC-618 for light to mid production environments

  • Utilise the same operator for both printing and finishing
  • Professional print finishing made easy
  • Fully automatic set-up
  • Optional cross perforator
  • New PC controller software to enhance productivity
  • Unattended running
  • Automatic barcode and registration mark scanner
  • EFi Fiery barcode integration for enhanced automated setup

The DC-646i PRO for mid to high volume production

  • Automatic set-up
  • User friendly PC controller
  • Optional modules for greater versatility
  • produces a wide variety of applications
  • Slit, cut, crease, perforate, score and slit-score – in a single pass.
  • The DC-646i PRO enables users to go beyond basic finishing and create endless innovative full bleed applications.

DC-746 Versatile High Production Finishing

  • Allows digital printers to
    • produce a wide variety of applications
    • shorten turnaround time
    • generate higher profits
  • Advanced tools add automated flexibility
  • Slit, cut, crease, perforate, score and slit-score – in a single pass
  • Production level automated precision
  • Camera for automatic job set-up & image drift compensation
  • User friendly PC controller with market leading EFI Fiery interconnectivity

IFS (Integrated Folding Solution)

Placed in-line with the DC-646i or DC-746, the IFS automatically folds sheets that have been cut, creased and perforated, applying one of six common fold patterns, before stacking. One operator can now fully finish different applications from offset or digital presses such as greeting cards, CD covers, small format ‘tent’ cards, brochures and leaflets – IN ONE PASS.

Multigraf CF-375

Integrated creasing and folding system which units the two operations in one process.

Multigraf CP-375

Creasing, folding and perforating machine that can improve productivity, finishing quality and increase application capabilities.

Multigraf CPC-375

Versatile and powerful 4-page high speed cutting, creasing and perforating system.