Over the last year, uncertainty has been the order of the day. A global pandemic has meant that consumer habits have changed, retail outlets have closed, and supply chains have been disrupted.

For today’s businesses, survival depends on the ability to be as streamlined and agile as possible. To meet demand when it’s there and to minimise costs when it’s not. The uncertainty in the current economic climate is demanding businesses to be more agile than ever.

The risk of not meeting demand when it arises isn’t limited to one lost sale. It’s potentially the lifetime sales of that customer, and a missed opportunity for a customer review that could have brought you more business. This cost highlights the importance of having the resources you need to meet demands, whenever they arise.

However, resources, equipment and employees all cost money to buy, lease or maintain, and sustaining a large and idle fleet is a quick way to see your profits decline and your shareholders sell up.

An emerging business model delivering greater agility

As businesses begin to demand the same flexibility of their suppliers that their customers are demanding of them, flexible solutions are cropping up for everything; from rental agreements to vehicle hire, desk-space, phones or printers.

Printing is no exception. With no staff in the office and no face-to-face meetings, it’s likely your printing needs have reduced. Yet, with the lifting of social distancing restrictions across the UK and an economy tipped for growth, it won’t be long before businesses will soon be needing increased printing capabilities.

Printing services that grow with your business

ASL Flex allows you to scale your printing according to your needs, reducing the outgoings when staff aren’t in the office, or when the need isn’t there, and upscaling your infrastructure to meet your needs when required. With a flexible contract you that can change within agreed parameters, you don’t pay for a service you’re not using, and you don’t have to compromise on your ability to deliver. You can impress your new customers without letting down your existing ones, and without risking financial security on costly overheads, purchases and lease fees.

For more information on ASL Flex, visit our website at ASL Flex | ASL Group (asl-group.co.uk)