A photocopier is a key piece of equipment for any business – copying is a simple means to distribute communications to both employees and customers. You can’t do without a copier, but you might not have the budget to purchase one right out. Or you might not have the time to spend searching for the right copier, let alone deal with its upkeep when you have one. If you’re looking to take away the hassle of purchasing and maintaining your office equipment, then you may want to consider leasing a copier instead.

Let the professionals take control

There’s nothing worse than a copier malfunctioning at a pivotal moment. ASL can ensure that such issues will never happen again. Not only are our photocopiers super reliable, we take care of the whole operation from installation to maintenance and repairs. With regular maintenance from the experts it reduces the chance that your copier will break down. Give us the responsibility of looking after your copier and you won’t have to worry any longer. What’s more, we’ll save you a bunch of time that you would have spent trawling the web searching for the right copier for your office.

Get the best technology

In order to get the best results, you’ll need top of the range machines. We can provide top notch copiers with a range of functionalities that ensure quality and efficiency. For instance, our colour copiers offer high-quality, full colour print on every single page. Moreover, they have double sided print functionality and this will, of course, save on paper if you’re concerned about the environment and will save you money if you’re concerned about your bank balance!


Save money


One of your premier objectives is, no doubt, to save money wherever possible. You’re running a business after all. ASL offers a range of cost-effective solutions as our copy machines have low running costs. The cost is further reduced as we offer a range of low cost, long-life consumables. Not only is this going to save you money, but it’s also better for the environment. Don’t forget, however, that just because you’re saving money it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on quality. If you opt to lease a copier with ASL, we can offer you quality at highly reasonable prices.

Work at the optimum level of speed and efficiency


We all know that time is money, so you need a copier that’s quick and works efficiently. At ASL, we have a host of mono copiers that will exceed your expectations in terms of speed. In fact, we can offer you a speed of up to 180 A4 pages per minute. For optimum efficiency, our copiers are also multi-functional, meaning they have print, copy, scan and fax capabilities. Therefore, you can take care of all your printing and copying needs with just one machine.


Choose a copier that’s easy to use

copierAnother fantastic benefit of leasing a copier with us, is that our range of machines are easy to use. This is vital as they can be used by a number of people of varying levels of technical proficiency. Our large format printing solutions, which you can use for the copying and scanning of documents up to A0, are particularly easy to get the hang of. Both the operation of the machine and maintenance is simple, meaning a stress-free copying solution for you. They’re compact and run quietly, so there will be no disturbance to your work environment either.

A flexible solution


Purchasing a copier can be a large investment and one that you’re not necessarily ready to make. The great thing about leasing a copier is that you get flexibility. You won’t have to take out a loan or build the capital you need in order to purchase a photocopier, instead you can arrange a contract for a certain amount of time with us. Furthermore, we’re flexible to your copying needs. If you want to lease just one copier or thousands, we can meet your requirements.

At ASL, we offer high-quality, low cost and efficient solutions for all of your photocopying needs. So, if you’re looking to lease a copier or would like further information, call us on 0345 207 7000 or send us an email at [email protected].