To help avoid sending your printing costs soaring, and for tricks and tips on how to cut your printing costs with managed print services, we’ve put together a brief guide below.

1. Get your printer settings correct

Managed print servicesThere are a variety of things you can put in place on your actual printer to help save costs. One technique is using draft mode for personal prints and notes. If what you’re printing is for your use or only for filing, then use draft mode. It may mean the text appears a little less sharp or darker colours appear slightly lighter, but it can halve the amount of ink you use and actually increase the speed with which your printer works.

Where possible, stick to greyscale printing, because colour cartridges cost more than black ones. The greyscale mode will slash the cost to print each page. Another trick is to print on both sides, when possible. This will halve the amount of paper you use, thus reducing both paper and ink costs.

2. Reduce the number of printers used and cut printing costs

Managed print servicesRunning lots of small printers can increase your costs. This is not just because of the increased cost of printer cartridges but also the immense burden this puts on the IT support department of any business.

By rationalising the number of printers to an optimum level with ASL Managed Print Services, you can streamline your office efficiency, while still making beneficial savings. For example, an A4 colour print could cost as much as 40p with a standard desktop printer. However, by using a multi-functional laser-style printer, this cost can be slashed to as low as 4p.

3. Change to managed print services

printing costsManaged Print Services (MPS) are increasing in popularity with businesses opting to reduce the cost of printing. Managed Print Services deliver a tailored solution for your business and provide a single cost for all of your printing needs, including support and maintenance provided as part of the package.

Not only will you save money on your printing costs by reducing your paper usage, you’ll reduce your consumable and hardware costs, too, and take your business one step closer to becoming green.

4. Only print what’s necessary

printing costsThe problem with unmanaged systems is that an estimated 20-30% of printed work is lost, forgotten, or binned without being read – think of all the times you’ve headed over to a printer to pick up your documents, only to have to fight your way through a dozen sheets waiting to be collected. For a high majority of mid-sized businesses, this adds up to a vast amount of paper wastage and, importantly, ink waste. This, in turn, means you’re spending more on ink than needed.

This is clearly a huge area in which there is potential to make significant savings. Smart, managed printing services provide pull-print functionalities that enable documents to be either retrieved or not put out at all.

If you’re interested in finding out more about managed print services, then contact the experts at ASL today. We offer tailored printing solutions for a range of businesses, so get in touch to see how we can help you.


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