Easy accessibility and the convenience to store and retrieve documents are among the main reasons for organizations to go digital. Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX devices provide outstanding scanning hardware, paving the way to accelerate a business’s digital transition. The devices include a high-speed scanner with a pace of 270 pages per minute, a silent document feeder and the ability to scan irregular size and mixed-size paper.

The new release of uniFLOW Online 2020.2 adds powerful document scanning capabilities to these outstanding devices. It channels the hardware’s strengths into maximum productivity. Essential digitisation of documents should not be a manual process anymore; the introduction of the uniFLOW Online Scan Centre brings automation.

uniFLOW Online

Scan Centre for automatic filing and indexing

uniFLOW Online 2020.2 introduces a central place for automatic filing and indexing. The technology helps organizations to streamline scan processes and increase user productivity while reducing manual errors.

Key is the unique text-block OCR which automatically pre-populates file name and metadata. The automatic document type recognition is based on document structure and the fixed text block OCR positions. Unknown document types can easily be trained so all future documents of the same type are detected automatically.

Filing Assist – Automated batch scanning

At the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX, pre-configured scan workflows are ideal for scanning batches of repetitive documents and operation records e.g. orders, invoices, picking lists and delivery notes. A large batch of documents is scanned in one go. uniFLOW Online will detect different file types, split each batch and use the unique text-block OCR to create the document title or populate metadata. The user only needs to validate pre-populated data at the end.

My Filing Assist – Self-service scanning

My Filing Assist is ideal for ad-hoc scanning of single, one-off documents for individual users. After scanning the document, the user selects the scan destination, target folder and file format once back at his desk. File name and metadata are easily populated by selecting one or multiple OCR blocks before the document is sent to its destination.

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