When the festive season arrives, for some staff members, the focus on work can slip. From festive parties to lost productivity, the last two weeks of the year can often be the least productive, which can . However, there are steps that business owners can take to minimise the potentially damaging effects of the holidays on productivity. At ASL we want to help you maximise productivity, so here are five top tips for improving motivation and output over the festive season.

1. Understand workload and time pressure

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For many businesses, December means carrying out the same amount of work in fewer days. This means that your staff members may feel under pressure, and struggle to complete all of their tasks leading to stress and lowered productivity. You should take the time to see where other team members might be able to lighten their load, ensuring that the burden isn’t falling on just a few members of staff. This should result in greater efficiency across the board.

2. Allow for flexible working

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It has long been proven that flexible working can increase productivity, and this is never truer than over the festive season. With social events, the nativity show, shopping deadlines and of course, the effects of midweek drinking, there are a large number of places employees would rather be than the workplace. The festive season is well known for provoking unnecessary ‘sick days’ but flexible working could dramatically reduce sickness and absence in your workplace. Employees will be less likely to phone in sick to work if they know they can come in a few hours later, and make up their time at a later stage, or prior to their social activity. If you are unable to allow flexible working in your workplace, try to be as accommodating as possible of employees request. No parent wants to miss their child being the star of the show, for example!

3. Create a positive atmosphere

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While getting into the festive spirit can be seen as a distraction from work, under the right circumstances a positive atmosphere can in fact improve workers motivation. Try setting team goals to be completed before the Christmas party, incentivise workers with Christmas gifts or early finishes if all work is completed and to a high standard. Encourage your employees to go above and beyond for your clients, because after all it is Christmas.

4. Be strict but fair about alcohol

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At this time of year, it is essential to have a clear policy around alcohol consumption. Clearly it is not appropriate to consume alcohol at work, but what about a midweek Christmas party hosted by an important client or supplier, after which your staff may be left feeling worse for wear? It can be useful to set out clearly the expectations of employees with regards to alcohol, including with hangovers and sick days. While you want to be understanding, you don’t want any colleagues trying to take advantage of this.

5. The Christmas Party

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When it comes to the Christmas party, employees can get carried away. Between half-days to ‘get ready’, all of the workplace discussion beforehand, and the after-effects of too much alcohol, so much of December’s valuable working time can be lost to the Christmas party. Try having your Christmas party at the weekend if you are particularly busy, or if this is not possible (or your business is open weekends) set out clear rules and expectations. Try to start the festivities early so that employees can be home at a reasonable time and find out who the non-drinkers are – they will be your star players the morning after!

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