Did you know Epson are celebrating 80 years in business?

Founded in May 1942, the company has evolved while passing on its DNA as an innovator and manufacturer.  Refining the micromachining and precision processing technologies Epson developed for watches and deploying them in other areas are what fueled the company’s growth.

Today, Epson employs around 77,000 people worldwide, and global corporate sales exceed one-trillion yen. However, it embarked on its journey from an old, converted miso warehouse, assembling watch parts. To mark the celebration, Epson have opened the Epson Museum Suwa where visitors can tour both the Monozukuri Museum and Memorial Hall.

From printers and projectors to robots and wearables, Epson promises to continue to serve society and our planet, creating a sustainable future that enriches people’s lives everywhere.

“I believe that our purpose as a company is to contribute to society and to employee happiness. I also believe that the two are inseparable. Taking care of our employees and contributing to society will generate confidence and pride internally that will drive us to further contribute to society.

We will continue to work together with our many stakeholders to solve societal issues, achieve sustainability, and improve the quality of life around the world.”

Yasunori Ogawa

President of Seiko Epson Corporation

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