With security threats in enterprise systems on the rise, protecting your organization’s sensitive information has never been more critical.

Did you know that Lexmark builds powerful security features into every device? This includes standard features for each product’s intended use and customizable options designed to fulfill special security requirements. This shield of protection enhances the security of data and helps mitigate the risk of data being compromised.

The industry has taken notice too. Lexmark recently received the prestigious BLI Pacesetter award for Document Imaging Security. According to BLI, “Lexmark’s device security is second to none, which gives Lexmark purchasers peace of mind about the security of their output fleet.”

Your best defense against security breaches starts with assessing print vulnerabilities on devices, networks, data and documents. Begin your assessment now with Lexmark’s Print Security Checklist and discover your risks, as well as your opportunities.

Need help developing a strategy to close security gaps across your organization? Read more about Lexmark’s full spectrum approach.

Lexmark’s comprehensive approach to product security covers a full spectrum of security capabilities:

  • Secure access features restrict who can use your devices and what they can do.
  • Network security features protect devices from unauthorized access over network interfaces.
  • Document security features keep your documents— whether physical or virtual—out of the wrong hands or views.
  • Secure remote management provides a wide range of tools and device capabilities to effectively manage a fleet of networked laser printers and multifunction products.
  • Security solutions enhance the security of Lexmark devices and your environment by meeting specific objectives like print release, automatic security certificate and Secure Content Monitor.
  • Hard disk security protects Lexmark printers and multifunction products that contain internal hard disks with a virtual shield to keep your organization’s secrets.
  • Encrypted and signed firmware ensures that only firmware created by Lexmark’s systems can be installed on our devices.
  • Secure boot technology validates that the firmware installed on the printer is genuine Lexmark firmware. Should non-genuine firmware be detected, users receive notification.
  • Continuous verification ensures the firmware has not been tampered with during operation.
  • And we’ve proven our security expertise by meeting stringent government and industry standards and certifications, including Common Criteria and FIPS.

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