The spread of mobile phone technology has given businesses unprecedented ability to have their staff work from wherever they need to be. No longer tied to the office, staff can go about their jobs more or less unimpeded while out on the road, at home or on site. This means no lengthy downtime when they’re not in the office, better responsiveness when they’re working elsewhere and much greater flexibility for the employee. There are plenty of upsides for any business, but corporate mobile can also be difficult to manage: With contracts for every phone you need, one or more providers, and a huge array of capabilities required from different phones – how do you keep track?

Who are we?
Corporate Mobile

ASL Group are here to sort out all your corporate mobile woes. Forget about any of the expensive standard tariffs and plans you may have read about, we can give you a completely tailored service that ensures you have a bespoke plan customised to your needs. We work with many suppliers, and we’re completely network neutral, so you can be sure that if there’s a better deal out there waiting for you – we’ll find it.

Where do I start?

Corporate Mobile Start
Businesses of any size, from small enterprises to multinationals, need mobile connectivity for their employees as a priority. Not only that, but each business has wildly different needs for their employees, and even some employees within the same business have different needs from their devices. It may sound complicated, but ASL Group can make it easy for you – both in terms of your devices themselves, and the tariff you’re charged. We work with EE, Vodafone,, and more, so we can use our excellent relationships to get the best possible deal for you, even deals that aren’t advertised on their websites.

This all means that, even if you currently have an existing corporate mobile package, there’s a good chance we can do it for less. We can tailor all our packages to suit you, so don’t worry that switching will mean getting a whole new set of devices for employees – just let us tell you what we can do about your Tariff, and we’re certain we can surprise you.

How much?

Corporate Mobile cost implications
Every business is different, and so are their corporate mobile needs, so it’s not possible to guess at a potential figure. However, what we can tell you is that you’ll benefit from our tariff checking service – which will guarantee your needs are matched perfectly to the right tariff – so you won’t pay too much. We’ll conduct an audit of every one of your potential needs in a mobile service, and using our network of mobile providers, we’ll pick and choose from what’s on offer to ensure that everyone is served as cost-effectively as possible by a good provider.

Just because it’s cheaper, that doesn’t mean it’s not as good! Unlike some other providers, we can guarantee our users a completely uncontended line. That means you won’t find your broadband slowing down just because there are lots of users on at once. It’s a tough and resilient service too, so the amount of time you’ll be without a service is kept to the absolute minimum. Whether it’s download or upload speeds, we can guarantee the quality of your connection 24/7.

Extra touches

Corporate Mobile Add ons
Some businesses have a plan for bigger and better things, but they’re scared that if they stick their head above the parapet they’ll be hit by extra charges. Not so with ASL Group! If your business is expanding abroad, you’re exploring new markets or you just want to make sure your employees can keep up while they’re on holiday – we have a solution for you that won’t break the bank. Via our relationships with leading networks, we can negotiate great roaming prices from data to calls – exclusive to ASL Group. Just tell us where you’re going ahead of time and let us do the hard work – so you can focus on your trip, whether it’s business or pleasure.

We’re here to help, and all of this excellent service and great prices are just a phone call away. If you’d like to hear more, or you’re interested in getting a quote, please get in touch on 0333 577 2834.