In our recent blog ‘What is Cloud Telephony and How Does it Work?’ we looked at what cloud telephony is and how it can be used to add new capabilities to business phone systems.

In recent years, the way businesses operate has changed dramatically.

For the first time since the industrial revolution, people are not expected to go into a set place of work.

Being forced into a situation where we were all instructed to work from home if we could seems to have proven to many employers and business owners that employees can work from home without it being detrimental to productivity, teamwork and profitability.

To operate effectively with a remote workforce the right technology is critical.

For employees to be able to work from home or to work remotely seamlessly, they need to be able to place and take phone calls quickly, easily and conveniently. They need to be contactable. They need to be able to attend video calls and use internet apps to ensure workflows remain effective and efficient.

One of the key tools in achieving this is cloud telephony.

You see, cloud telephony means that clients and customers can contact your workforce in exactly the same way as before – without any updates to websites or business card reprinting.

Customers can call one number – the same number your business has always had.

They can reach the individual they want to reach – and not have to leave a message or send an email and await a callback.

They can be transferred or diverted as required – which means your business can continue to offer the same levels of customer service as before.

Customers can leave messages in a space owned by the company – so, should an employee leave at short notice or be taken ill, the business can access messages left and continuity can be seamless.

Of course, providing seamless customer service is only part of the challenge. Modern businesses also face an increasing level of competition.

To compete effectively, businesses need to attract top talent. Cloud telephony can help businesses appeal to the very best employees, wherever they are in the world.

Once upon a time, a new job meant uprooting the family and moving possibly miles away but, these days, employees don’t need to be in an office in a select number of geographical locations, and so talent can come from wherever, and live wherever, meaning businesses can appeal to, and select from, a wider choice of high calibre candidates.

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