We may have emails, digital files and calendars in the cloud, but printing is still an integral part of today’s business environment. In fact, we can rely on print so heavily that when we encounter downtime it can be distressing.

That’s why we work hard, putting back-ups in place to ensure that ASL clients don’t have to endure lengthy hardware downtime.

We create a smooth and efficient document workflow

Working with our clients we identify exactly what hardware and software they need, what integration tools they require, and whether any specialist integration coding will be required.

In doing this, we can ensure that your print budget is spent on the equipment and services you need and the capabilities that you require, rather than equipment that quickly becomes obsolete, isn’t up to the task and maybe isn’t even needed.

We acquire the hardware and install it for you

Gone are the days when your new printer sits in a corner waiting for someone to install it, then, when it finally is installed, half the office is set up on it whilst the other half look on wistfully. Our print service specialists will ensure that you have the right hardware and software so that it’s all set up to allow each user the access they need. When you do need an engineer onsite, our engineers are trained to fix issues the first time in 97.5% of cases.

We have a call centre bustling with staff who know their stuff

If you do have a problem, we’re not just in on a Friday. We’re not just open office hours. Whatever your problem, whatever the time, we’ve got friendly and knowledgeable staff who can get back to you in, on average, 3.38 hours. In fact, we manage to resolve 20% of issues remotely.

We give you visibility and put you in control

With a single dashboard delivering real-time data, we give our customers an overview of their network and the hardware on it, including visibility as to when ink and toner is low, when maintenance is required or when parts need replacing.

This combination of services and benefits enable us to deliver 98% uptime to our clients and reduce the wasted time and resources from outdated or broken hardware, incorrectly managed software and inefficient networks.

To understand more about how ASL’s Managed Print Services can help you boost your productivity further, contact us on 0345 305 2618.