Every company, no matter what its size, could benefit from utilising managed print services. By having an approved managed print service provider managing all aspects of your workplace’s printing infrastructure you are able to reduce waste and save time – money and resources that would otherwise be spent trying to get the disparate parts of your existing print system to work as a cohesive unit.

Here are just five of the very real benefits to your business that you come from adopting a managed print service model.

You will save money

managed print services

The key appeal to using a managed print service is that your company will save money. By some estimations, a saving of 30% of your existing printing costs is not uncommon once you switch to a managed print service model. A managed print service is less wasteful and will save you money on supplies, maintenance and repair costs as your paper and toner usage are constantly monitored so that replacement supplies are ordered and delivered as they are required by the business.

Not only does this mean no more reams of printer paper filling up storerooms for months on end, but it also means that anomalies in your printing schedule can easily be spotted. Is a certain worker making more prints or copies that you might reasonably expect? With the data from a managed print service provider, you can pinpoint such discrepancies and deal with them immediately. Moreover, a managed print service can ensure that your printers are always working to the best of their ability and that they are repaired immediately should they develop a fault. Having a single centralised service to handle all your printing needs gives you one less detail to concern yourself with, and makes sound financial sense.

You will take control

managed print services

With a managed print service you can see an overall image of your company’s print output, allowing you to make changes on the fly and see them immediately adopted across your entire print network. Managed print services also grant you more control over document security, allowing you to precisely know who is printing what, when, and where from. This enables you to ensure that all proprietary documentation is being handled appropriately by those authorised to do so. Additionally, this service can show you how much your enterprise is spending on printing in real-time, helping you to have more control over your business’s finances too.

You will set standards

managed print services

Conformity in the workplace is often seen as a negative trait, but not where your printing architecture is concerned. Having all your printers conform to the same (or similar) make and model makes it that much easier to streamline costs both in terms of usage, and the ordering of supplies and consumables. A managed print service not only allows you to set the standard to which all of your printing equipment will be expected to perform, but it can assist you in selecting the best and most effective printing solution to help you meet those standards.

You will adopt a long-term strategy

managed print services
Adopting a managed print service allows you to keep track your company’s long-term goals for its printer fleet. With the day-to-day running of your print infrastructure taken out of your hands, you are able to prepare and plan for its long-term usage, giving you greater scope and flexibility for growth. With the data collated by your managed print service, you can identify patterns in your company’s printer use and use it to predict future usage trends with greater accuracy.

You will see the big picture

managed print services

A major benefit of managed print services is being able to adjust printing equipment and staffing levels to their needs, instead of having to over- or under-estimate usage. As well as reducing costs, being able to view real-time usage statistics offers you a high-level overview of your company’s overall printing structure, allowing you to spot existing or potential bottlenecks in service that might otherwise not have come to light.

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