You may have heard that Microsoft will be retiring the use of Skype for Business on the 31st July 2021 and will be no longer accessible to users. Skype for Business is being replaced by the next generation of communication, Microsoft Teams. Due to this change, all businesses using Skype for Business have less than 2 years to migrate to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams opens a wide range of opportunities to increase productivity, whilst remaining eco-friendly. Not only that, they have released an official statement in committing to be carbon negative by 2030.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is one of Office 365’s star applications, maximizing enterprise-level security and compliance whilst delivering collaboration and unified communications functions. In simpler terms, there are no limits to the call or chat functionality.

Microsoft Teams and Sustainability

Microsoft Teams and other applications make it possible to collect, analyse, manage and store huge quantities of data online; reducing the total cost of ownership of IT and increase business agility.

Economically, moving from many on-premises servers to fewer large datacentres reduces overall energy consumption and related carbon emissions.

Not only that, Microsoft Teams grants your business with real-time collaboration, high quality video calling and integration with other Office 365 applications. This allows you access to all your data from home/and or on location, reducing the extra carbon emissions that are released when travelling to meetings via car or plane.

ASL are adept in migrating solutions, ensuring there is no loss of time and that your organisation can continue ‘business as usual’, whilst remaining as eco-friendly as possible.


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