If you run any kind of business that has a requirement to print documents from a number of different printers, then managed print services may be a great option for you. Using a managed print service is fantastic for streamlining your company and the way your office environment works. The knock-on effect is that the whole business becomes more efficient as a result, bringing you real-time working benefits.

But in what ways specifically can it make your company more efficient?

Improvement in cost efficiency

Managed Print Services
One of the main advantages of managed print services is that they can save your business money. The reduction in printing and paper usage this service brings will mean your printing costs should go down in the long run. Of course, a reduction in printing also means less money spent on consumables and replacement parts which is another cost-saving efficiency managed print services bring. The overall amount spent on printers and related consumables is also more predictable which is a real bonus when setting budgets for the coming year.

Improvement in staff efficiency

Managed Print Services

There is no doubt that your internal IT team can spend a lot of time dealing with printer-related issues if you don’t have a managed service instead. This is time they could be spending with customers or on more important internal projects. By using a managed print service, you are freeing them up to concentrate on these more critical areas and increase the efficiency in their workflow. Using managed print services also gives other staff a central point of contact for any issues they need resolving fast. Any issues with printers can be resolved off-site by trained staff usually or an on-site visit can be arranged for more complex issues.

Increased efficiency in green initiatives


One of the key areas most companies focus on when thinking about printing is reducing the amount they print to make them a greener business. Managed print services can help make this a more efficient process by the implementation of print queues and print logs on machines to track what is being run off. It will allow you to review the printing done within your organisation without any of the guesswork usually involved. Pre-set limits can be put in place for each individual worker to help limit the amount of printing done within the whole business which in turn can support company-wide green policies that may already be in place.

Improvement in record-keeping efficiency

Managed Print Services

The majority of UK businesses used to keep their customers records on a paper file and many who do this now would like to move to a digital document storage solution. Managed print services can help with this process and businesses find superb efficiencies from doing so. Their staff spend less time having to manually hunt through piles of files for a document and can instead access it instantly electronically when placed on their systems. Being able to store customer details electronically is also more secure than paper files that may be accessed by anyone, which in today’s business climate where data protection is king is a huge plus point.

As you can see, there are many superb efficiencies that moving to managed print services can bring an organisation. Although some businesses can be put off by the perceived cost involved, managed print services, such as ours at ASL Group, are actually very reasonable and more than make up for any outlay with the many benefits they bring. Along with the above, the review and implementation of a coherent printing strategy is something that all businesses would find of immense use.


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