On Sunday, 30th June, Team ASL proudly participated in this year’s Race for Life in Cambridge, a special event the team participated in to honour our HR & Corporate Services Director, Mandy Dunn. This year’s race marked a particularly joyous milestone as we celebrated Mandy’s 10-year all-clear from cancer, a significant victory that highlights her incredible strength.

“Having been diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer in June 2014, with no family history, doing the Race for Life means a lot to me especially as I am celebrating 10 years being cancer-free! Raising money for cancer research means the future for me and others being diagnosed is brighter, 10 years on and treatments have already improved – and what better way to do it than with colleagues as a team 😊”
– Mandy Dunn, HR & Corporate Services Director

L-R – Elena Dunn, Mel Cambridge, Aimee Read, Tegan Rouse, Luke Dunn, Mandy Dunn, Emma Sibthorp

The Race for Life is a fundraising event organised by Cancer Research UK. Participants, often in teams, run, jog, or walk to raise money for Cancer Research whilst fostering a sense of community and solidarity among those affected by cancer, whether directly or indirectly.

The atmosphere was full of emotion as Team ASL joined thousands of other participants in this inspiring event. The scenic route through Cambridge provided a perfect backdrop for reflection and celebration, as each step taken was not just a move towards the finish line but a stride towards raising vital funds for Cancer Research.

ASL proudly offers all staff the option of taking up to two days of charity leave per year to participate in events similar to the Race for Life or to engage in community volunteering. This policy is designed to support and encourage employees to contribute to causes they are passionate about and to make a positive impact in their communities. Whether completing an event to raise funds for Cancer Research, volunteering at local shelters, or supporting educational initiatives, ASL believes in fostering a culture of social responsibility and community involvement. Through this initiative, we aim to enhance employee well-being and promote a spirit of giving and harmony within our organisation.

Raising over £700 and celebrating Mandy’s milestone in such a meaningful way reinforced our dedication to supporting one another and contributing to the cause of Cancer Research, with the hope that someday, everyone will be able to celebrate a similar victory.