Managed Print Services have earned a good reputation for their efficiency. Working with print specialists makes it easier to get the right printing hardware for your business and economies of scale mean that working with a Managed Print Service specialist will save you money long-term.

Managed Print Services are recognised for their ability to improve print data security and even for boosting green credentials. However, there is one little-spoken-of benefit (that isn’t little at all) that comes from using a Managed Print Service provider…


Yes, using a Managed Print Service provider gives you more control over your printer fleet, more control over your employees and their printing habits and more control over your printer fleet uptime (or downtime).

Here are a few ways you can get control over your organisation’s printing practices by using a Managed Print Service provider such as ASL.

Understand how printing is being used within your organisation

When you know how and where printing is being used, you can better optimise your fleet, improve resource management and even identify how and where cost savings can be made.

When you use a Managed Print Service like ASL, printing can be mapped to each individual, so your organisation can clearly see how often different members of staff print material.

Individuals can be given a target quote by day or by week to help keep them focused on the items that really do need printing… and those that don’t to help you drive your green credentials.

See your entire fleet at once and monitor its health

Medium and larger businesses can really benefit from seeing a virtual map of their fleet. By understanding all of the hardware that sits within their printing network, they can easily see the uptime of each piece of equipment and take meter readings, identify any poor-performing devices that need refreshing or replacing, and single out those that aren’t being used. Of course, a printer that isn’t being used may mean it isn’t needed, but it may also mean that the printer in situ is unsuitable for meeting the needs of the department it has been deployed to. By responding to this you can not only reduce wasted costs but also increase employee efficiency.

Never run out of toner

With a virtual map of your fleet in a single dashboard, you can also understand toner levels for each device and track deliveries to minimise downtime caused by consumable stock. You can even request service call-outs from within the ASL Managed Print Service portal or, if you have a problem but don’t feel an engineer call-out is necessary, we have a helpdesk ready and waiting to guide you back to full functionality wherever possible.

Control departmental charging

In the constant bid to drive down costs, it can help to ensure that printing costs are mapped to the correct department codes. However, this can be really hard to manage. When you use a Managed Print Service such as ASL, additional software can be added to channel charges associated with printing to the right department so you can get control of your cost tracking and expenditure.

For more information about how ASL’s Managed Print Services can help you get back into the driving seat and claim control of your business’s printing habits, contact us on 0345 207 7000 or visit our website.