The printing and copying market never sits still for long and we’re not expecting 2024 to be any different. A number of issues that have been key throughout 2023 will be sticking around for 2024 as the market catches up with legislative changes, the security landscape and technological advances. So, here are some of the key topics that you can expect to be seeing in the printing and copying market this year.

The Integration of AI and IoT into office copiers and printers

2024 will be the year of the smart copier. Advancements in AI and IoT will act as a catalyst for the industry, sparking progress in:

  • The use of AI to monitor the health of copiers and predict maintenance issues before they become a problem. With these kinds of technological advancements, businesses can avoid costly and inconvenient downtime issues by being proactive in caring for their network and the devices on it.
  • Understanding how copiers and printers are being used, through AI and networking. With a greater understanding, businesses can more effectively manage their use, budgets and the impact they are having on the environment.
  • Using AI to enhance security by detecting potential threats at the initial stages. With early detection, businesses can prevent unauthorised access and defending a business’s sensitive data from threats.
  • Streamlining workflows for improved productivity. With the use of AI, document scanning, routing and Streamlining workflows becomes much easier and more manageable.
  • Creating more tailored and user-specific experiences by tailoring features and settings to the individuals using the printing and copying equipment.

The integration of cloud technology for more efficient workflows

In addition, easier integration with the Cloud means easier document storage and more straightforward access – even when it’s protected. This, in turn, will make collaboration and remote working increasingly seamless and support easier:

  • Printing from smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • Secure pull printing
  • Tracking and reporting of print jobs which in turn delivers insights into printing activity and costs
  • User management and control
  • Integration with existing software for more streamlined workflows.


And, of course, the world is still looking to improve sustainable processes. The closed economy will become increasingly important – and, with that, the need to secure data before reusing and recycling equipment will become more pressing. The printer market will have a keen eye on:

  • Developing and promoting new, more energy-efficient models
  • Using smarter technology to save energy wherever possible with features such as ‘Auto power down’.
  • Using Sustainable Materials such as recycled resources and recyclable components and making consumables biodegradable wherever possible.

Data security

With the growing threat to our data and the increasing pressure to protect it, we expect to see a continued focus on data security:

  • By using data encryption in printing and copying, data can be better protected while in motion and at rest.
  • By incorporating biometric security into printers and copiers, businesses can do away with much of the management (and risk) involved in password security and offer heightened security. Biometrics is just one more way in which new technology makes it easier to secure data.
  • Cloud-based features such as secure pull printing make it easier to manage document access and keep data and information safe.
  • As mentioned within sustainability, the role of data wiping and data destruction is more relevant today than ever before. With recycling and reusing, it’s essential that businesses ensure data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands and that an organisation ensures compliance with data privacy regulations.
  • There will continue to be a push toward patch management and firmware updates. While regular patching takes time, using a Managed Services company like ASL Group can help you apply patches routinely and deliver a safer and more secure photocopier and printer network within your business.
  • An increase in the use of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems is helping businesses to allow for heightened security and improved monitoring of potential issues, security threats and reduced downtime. By outsourcing such monitoring to ASL Group, you can increase your security and event monitoring full-time, without having to recruit and train new full-time staff.

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