We’ve been providing customers with managed print services for more than 30 years. New and prospective customers usually come to us looking for help with a particular problem. However, once they begin working with us, they soon find that our independent approach and knowledgeable team mean we deliver value at every stage of the managed print process.

We have established partnerships with most leading printer manufacturers and support more than 7,500 customers with over 21,000 machines in the field. So, we decided to take a look at exactly how customers are finding we add value at every stage of the printing lifecycle.

Finding and sourcing the right equipment

Finding and sourcing the right equipment at the right price can be difficult. Unless you seek advice from a company with an overview of product ranges from a diverse set of manufacturers you risk limiting your options. At ASL Group, we work with a wide range of manufacturers to bring our clients a variety of equipment. This means we can find perfect printing solutions for clients like Twenty10 Digital, who deliver more complex and detailed print work for their customers, and for those who are focused on energy efficiency such as Fortis Living. With a wide range of partners and extensive product knowledge, we help our customers find the right products for their business, setting them up for success.

Environmental and sustainability

With sustainability so high on the agenda for most businesses now, even those businesses not initially seeking to reduce energy use and paper waste often find it an unexpected perk of working with ASL Group that their business’s carbon footprint reduces as a result of the useful energy efficiency settings, options and features on the printing equipment we supply.

Improved management of printing

With a printing network that has evolved over time, rather than one designed with purpose, businesses tend to find they end up with more printers than they need. And, with a printer in every corridor or office, it’s easy to adopt a cavalier approach to printing and also to the data held on printed documents.

When a customer begins working with us we take a look at their business and how they currently use printing. We then identify what the optimal printer network would look like and how best to achieve it. As with St Thomas Aquinas Multi-Academy Trust, this often results in a consolidation of the nodes on the printing network, which means a reduction in maintenance fees, repair fees, running fees and even a reduction in unnecessary printing with users more likely to self-challenge before hitting the ‘print’ button.  As Fortis Living found, by setting up ‘follow me’ printing, employees can use any of the printers on the network, but can easily access their printing, reducing the printed documents that make their way directly to the waste paper basket.

Printer servicing

Working with ASL Group also means that printers can be managed remotely. This means a poorly printer can be spotted before it is completely out of action. Red flags can be identified remotely and new parts requested, consumables ordered or technicians dispatched before it becomes an inconvenience. This makes it easier to keep your full printing fleet in good working order and your business working optimally.

Printer breakdowns

We also have varying support levels and our own fleet of technicians so, if you just need some friendly advice on the phone, our customer service team have you covered. With one quick phone call, a knowledgeable member of the ASL team will be able to talk you through any easy fixes, no drama.

If you need an experienced technician to come out and action a repair in person, we can send someone from one of our 9 regional offices based around the UK to help get your printer up and running again in no time at all.

Complex multi-part repairs

Even with complex multi-part repairs, we have close working partnerships with all of the main printer manufacturers which means we can usually get multiple parts quickly. We also have our own knowledgeable support staff which means we don’t need to wait around for the manufacturer’s support team to get you back up and running.

Businesses we work with:

We work with a wide range of businesses including:

To find out more about ASL and how we can help you keep your printed data safe, improve your sustainability and keep your costs down, chat with our sales team. You can even use Ava, our new intelligent assistant to contact us when it’s convenient for you.