3 Industries transformed by ASL’s managed print services Earlier this month you may have seen that ASL has been named Lexmark’s Partner of the Year 2019! We’ve been working with Lexmark for over ten years now. As one of the largest managed-office services suppliers in the UK, we participate in a range of industry awards to help us maintain the highest in customer service delivery standards. We really value and appreciate all of our awards, but equally important are the real tangible benefits that we bring to our clients. The benefits that keep them with us year after year.

Here are 3 industries where our managed print services have already transformed practices.


Retailers often have multiple outlets, a head office and even regional distribution centres, all of which print and manage documents. However, without a strategic approach, investing in hardware, often in an ad-hoc manner, can result in organisations spending over the odds. In 1998, EMG, owners of eight car dealerships across Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire contacted ASL for help in managing their printing more cost-effectively.

By capitalising on benefits of scale across the different outlets and streamlining the service to reduce waste and ensure the equipment EMG were investing in offer value, we reduced print costs by 40%. These are savings that dropped right to the company’s bottom line.

It isn’t just about car retailers though. These saving opportunities are typical for many businesses within the retail industry. With numerous outlets and distribution centres, each opened at different times, it can be hard for businesses to step back and take the strategic approach needed to make substantial savings and that’s where ASL can help.


Underpinning every good leisure network is an efficient managed print service. From printing out payslips to staff rotas, receipts to timetables and flyers, printing is still at the very heart of the leisure industry.

However, an always-on culture of long hours and many users can lead organisations to waste money through unnecessary energy use. Parkwood Leisure approached us to help them identify where they could save money on the 84 leisure facilities, managed for 27 clients. Juggling 4,500 staff at 76 different sites, their energy use and printer use had, quite simply, snowballed.

ASL reviewed the printing processes and infrastructure and replaced the legacy hardware with modern, energy-efficient MFD devices, tailored to create a flexible solution for each site. These changes facilitated cost savings right across the business.


We all remember the photocopying room at school. Piles of letters being printed, stapled, folded and dispatched. Booklets and crib sheets, student lists and registers. The focus on printing within an educational environment is immense.

King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford, Essex were using a multitude of different printers from different suppliers across their network. Ordering consumables was complicated and haphazard with different items required for each different printer. Staff needed to understand how and when to use each piece of equipment, and with consumables purchased in small quantities, costs were out of control.

After extensive consultation, ASL replaced King Edward VI’ Grammar School’s legacy printers with a fleet of 39 Ricoh printers and a range of high to mid-volume copiers. In doing this, as well as having newer, more efficient printing hardware, all consumables could be managed efficiently, ordering just one consumable SKU that would be compatible with almost every piece of printing hardware.

We also introduced a management system to alert users as and when toner was running low, prompting re-ordering and reducing the reliance on a stationery cupboard full of toner or ink likely to dry up before it’s used.

To understand more about how ASL could help you improve your cash flow and reduce your business’ costs, contact us on 0345 305 2618.