2020 is set to be an exciting year for the Managed Print Services market, but there are three key drivers of change within the market that any sustainable company needs to be aware of.

Cyber Security

In today’s modern world it’s accepted that at some point, we’re all likely to fall victim to cybercrime, so we have to do what we can to limit the risk and also limit the potential fallout. Legislation such as the GDPR is increasing the stakes for those who don’t protect their data adequately and driving awareness of data protection in general.

In a bid to increase their cybersecurity, organisations will switch to managed print services, as they realise the benefits that remote support and technical knowledge can have on their network security.

Remote maintenance, and patching can limit access points to a network and increased data availability can help organisations better understand how their data is being stored and used by those inside of the organisation. As 40% of reported security breaches are as a result of employee negligence (according to State of the Industry Report 2018), this is becoming increasingly important.

We’re also expecting to see a greater number of companies taking up pull printing to demonstrate that they are also doing their bit to protect their data.

The Environment

There’s also an increasing awareness of the environmental impact of printing. This is also likely to encourage companies to seek more environmentally friendly printing practices. By reducing unnecessary printing, limiting the risk of printing excessive copies or sending printing to the right printer, companies can ensure their print practices are more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly.

Increasing competition

Growing global competition is forcing organisations to become increasingly cost aware and reduce their spend across the organisation. Keeping costs down is becoming increasingly essential for businesses if they are to continue to compete in today’s global environment.

When it comes to squeezing costs, the cost savings from remote system maintenance, reduced hardware capital expenditure from purchasing through a managed print services provider, and even the ability to order spares and consumables and track their delivery, all have their part to play in optimising the ability of a company to compete on the global stage.

Through 2020 these are trends that are only going to continue to grow and further shape the managed print services market.

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