In recent years, remote working or hybrid working has really taken off. Many companies rely on it to manage their office space, and many employees rely on it to manage their home lives. However, for successful remote working, communication needs to be seamless, documents need to be accessible and data must be safe. Here are 3 invaluable remote working technologies that every modern company should have if they are to appeal to clients and candidates and operate effectively in the modern remote working landscape.

Cloud telephony

Cloud telephony ensures accessibility. Whether it be to communicate with customers or clients or to collaborate with other staff. Cloud telephony makes it easier to manage different members of staff in different places with just one phone or extension number. By making communication easier, employees can be reached when they’re needed, relieving the burden on administrative and reception staff. Without cloud telephony the administrative staff would need to take a message, email it across to the member of staff and rely on that member of staff returning the call, introducing unnecessary delays, increased customer frustration and the potential for communication breakdown with messages not seen, deleted by accident and so on.

Cloud telephony puts your business back in control of your switchboard, even when your staff are scattered around the world or working from multiple sites. You have the power to ensure messages can be left and received, and that calls are connected and answered, all through an easy online portal.

Managed print services

Managed Print services help to ensure that your data stays safe. Just because your employees are offsite, it doesn’t mean they won’t want to print from time to time. However, printing when working remotely is likely to have one of two outcomes: either the document gets forgotten, sits on the for anyone to see and wastes ink and paper, or it gets picked up in error by an unsuspecting employee who later leaves it on a nearby desk in a vague attempt to reunite it with its owner. Neither of these are particularly safe outcomes for your data.

With managed print services, processes and workflows can be established to ensure that printing only takes place at a point when the employee is available to collect it. Whether this is through push/pull printing, or through directing data to specific printers, managed print services enable organisations to retain improved control over their printing processes and ultimately over the protection of their data, strengthening and supporting GDPR compliance.

Sharepoint Services

Ultimately, Sharepoint services enable employees to physically work anywhere with internet access. Sharepoint enables organisations to securely store data files in the cloud so they can be stored securely, accessed in a controlled way and managed effectively.

ASL’s SharePoint consultants work closely with stakeholders to define the scope of the project and understand the business’s needs. They will identify potential issues or challenges and how to overcome these before they build a bespoke SharePoint solution build solutions that incorporate Document Libraries, Lists, Web Pages, Sites and Workspaces, and Site Management Tools that will give your business an entirely different way of working.

With extensive experience in providing a wide range of remote working technologies, ASL can solve more complex issues to give your new business systems the ability to link with other lines of business software and even map business processes into an automated workflow.

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