Traditionally printing for businesses has been essential part of daily operations business. Running out of toner would once have brought your business to a grinding halt.

However, times have changed. Emails have replaced letters. Sharing electronic files in the cloud has become the new norm, and carbon paper is something most often seen in museums.

However, printing for businesses still has a very important part to play. In fact, whilst we’re seeing a greater awareness around the need to be environmentally savvy, and the need to be security conscious, there seems to be no let up in the popularity of print. Here are 4 reasons that businesses will continue to use print:

  • The digital explosion has led to an increase in available content. Whether it’s a ‘how to’ guide, a meme, or a product review, print remains a portable, sharable and universally familiar way to share documents. There’s no need to worry about integrations and compatibility, the paper won’t run out of power on the train journey home. Paper printouts have their place.
  • There’s still something very satisfying (and convenient from a sales cycle perspective) about signing a contract on the spot. Digital signatures don’t have the same tangible and endorphin boosting quality. So high value purchases and sales deals are likely to continue to use paper and ink for the foreseeable future.
  • In this day in age, where time is always at a premium, anything you can do to save time is seen as a good thing. By taking printed documents for each attendee into a meeting you can ensure that everyone is looking at the information they need to make a decision – no compatibility issues, no excuses, and no delays.
  • For tax, legal and compliance reasons, many businesses are required to keep financial information for up to seven years. In these situations, some of this data, particularly legacy data is stored in a physical format. And, where legacy data is stored in a printed format, it’s often easier to share in a physical format too, rather that switching it to a digital version.

There are many more reasons why printing for businesses is likely to continue to be important, and the increasing awareness of security, and environmental issues will only change the way in which print is used within businesses. It’s considerations like these that drive the changes we expect to see in the coming year.

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