Every year, thousands of businesses in the UK choose to use ASL Group to keep their office operations running smoothly. ASL Group was founded in 1991 and, in those thirty-three years, technology has changed. The print and communications market has changed. And business has changed a lot. But then, so have we.

You don’t become one of the largest managed office service suppliers by simply standing still.

Our service offering has evolved, our technology partners have matured and our focus on the environment has grown. And with this, we’ve continued to grow too. At ASL Group, we’re proud to provide managed office services for more than 7,500 customers, and that number keeps on growing. Here’s why:

ASL Provides impartial, independent advice

At ASL, the customer is genuinely at the heart of the company so, when choosing the best printing equipment ASL considers a wide range of partners and their extensive range of equipment to identify the very best printer or copier fleet to meet your needs. We have partnerships with a vast range of leading printing and photocopier manufacturers to ensure we always bring our clients the latest in technology and the best in performance and sustainability. Just a few of our partners include Ricoh, Canon, Konica, Minolta, Toshiba, Lexmark, KYOCERA and HP. You can read more about our partners here.

We have 9 UK Sites for comprehensive and timely national coverage

We’re a large company that is set up like a small company with 9 sites around the UK to ensure we can provide extensive network coverage right across the country.  This set-up also means that while, as a company, we’re big enough to get favourable rates from our established network of suppliers to give you the best prices possible, we’re also small enough to be agile to each of our customer’s changing needs.

… And more than 21000 machines in the field

These machines are from a wide range of suppliers, which means that, if you have an issue, chances are we’ve already come across it, and identified a solution, so we can help get your printer or copier fleet back up and running in no time.

We care about sustainability and the planet we live on

With so many printers and copiers in the field and so many clients, we’re slightly humbled by the difference we could make with environmental initiatives. That’s why we wholeheartedly embraced Print Releaf so every printout plays its part in the reforestation of the world’s rainforests and jungles. You can read more about our environmental measures including Print Releaf here.

We keep our customers’ needs front and centre

And before we even begin to prescribe or advise on a fleet or a network structure, we take time to understand our customers and to understand what they need and what they want with a thorough initial assessment. By taking time to do this, we ensure that we find the closest fit solution possible, which is the reason so many of our clients develop long-standing and highly successful relationships with us.

And deliver an end-to-end service to keep your data safe

We recognise that your data is important and, once created, data is always there. So, from identifying workflows that help to protect your data at the time of its creation, right through to safely removing data before device disposal, we deliver an end-to-end service to support you in your commitment to data protection.

There are plenty more reasons why you should choose ASL, not least the wide variety of managed office services that we offer. You can read more about how we’re Making Work Flow every day for so many thousands of businesses on our website https://asl-group.co.uk/.

For more information or to discuss how our services can help you Make Work Flow, contact us on 0345 207 7000.