Sustainability is a big thing in today’s corporate world. In 2019, final energy consumption rose again by 1.1.%. Whilst many blamed this on the Beast From The East driving up heating demand, there was still a moderate increase on final energy consumption after applying an adjustment for temperature.

Sustainability is good for everyone. It’s good for the planet and the environment we live in. It can be good for sales. And it’s good for your employees. Let’s face it, whether they are working for you, buying from you or operating next door to you, everyone likes to think they are doing their bit to support environmental measures.

However, with many businesses recycling, designing with sustainability in mind and even introducing electric charge points in the staff car park, some organisations are left wondering where they go next to further increase their sustainability.

The answer to driving sustainability lies in technology

Technology has come a long way, offering opportunities to introduce sustainable features into designs. Legacy systems pose a challenge faced by many organisations. With complex networks of disparate and often outdated hardware, optimising the energy efficiency of your network can be highly labour intensive.

When we first start working with an organisation, we conduct a full audit of devices and identify how and where cost savings can be made. Often, we find organisations leave printers on, eating up energy day and night, simply because, with legacy hardware, there is no easy way to manage power consumption.

By sourcing cost-effective hardware that works together it becomes possible to manage energy consumption by remotely switching off hardware when it isn’t being used and switching it back on in time for when it’s needed.

Parkwood Leisure is a prime example of where legacy hardware was holding them back from achieving the environmental awareness they were striving for. With 84 leisure facilities and 4,500 staff, their energy use had snowballed. By introducing energy-efficient MFD devices we helped them move closer to achieving the sustainability they were striving for.

Some of the organisations we work with have achieved cost savings of around 40% as they’ve embraced increasingly sustainable practices.

There are many other ways that working with a Managed Print Service Provider can boost your sustainability credentials. If you’d like to learn more or to see how working with ASL can boost your sustainability and decrease your energy spending, call us on 0190 848 9417.