ASL held their annual staff and supplier conference at the AirSpace Conference Centre at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford (near Cambridge). This impressive venue is home to over 30 evocative aircraft, including the iconic Lancaster, Spitfire and Concorde, and provided an excellent backdrop to the October 31st 2012 event.



Over 100 staff attended from all of ASL’s operations across the Midlands, London, the South East & East Anglia. Previous conferences were smaller and spread across the Group’s various locations. In addition, representatives from ASL’s major suppliers were invited with attendees from Kyocera, Ricoh, Lexmark, BNP, Siemens & CF Asset adding to the audience.


The meeting provided the opportunity to reflect on a strong 2012 year. Revenues had grown to £14m and customer numbers had more than doubled (to around 5000) in the past 3 years. The company were able to announce major investments in IT infrastructure, people and premises that will allow them to continue their growth and deliver further improvements in customer support.

Mark Garius, Managing Director, commented “It’s an opportunity to bring all our people together, thank them for their hard work in getting us to where we are today & to outline the path for the future. Having made a number of acquisitions in the last 2 years in the Midlands, London & Kent, it also gave all staff a chance to meet their colleagues and counterparts from all operations across the company.”

A number of “2012 Outstanding Contribution” awards were given out: to Trevor Pearce in Sales, Amanda Stone in Service & Faye Webster in Operations.


conf_pic3 Trevor Pearce receiving his award

conf_pic4 Amanda Stone receiving her award


conf_pic5 Faye Webster receiving her award