In the modern workplace, the need to think about the environmental impact of what we print is essential. All businesses now must implement responsible office printing practices to help protect the planet and conserve its resources. If you are keen to cut back on your print waste but need some help, contact ASL Group. We are fully committed to responsible printing and doing all we can to help preserve the environment for future generations.

ASL Group follows WEEE guidelines

An important part of cutting back on print waste is what to do with old machines. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) guidelines tightly govern how these old devices are recycled to make sure it is done in an environmentally-friendly way. Here at ASL Group, we fully comply with these WEEE guidelines. This means that if you use us for office print solutions, we will recycle any redundant machines properly and help you do your bit for the planet.

ASL Group also only choose suppliers who take their environmental responsibilities seriously too. We will only work with suppliers who commit to using recyclable materials and try to produce zero landfill, if possible. This again means that by using us, you are helping to look after the earth.

Implementing good practice through MPS

The managed print service (MPS) we offer is the premier way you can let ASL Group help cut your print waste. This will not only make your organisation greener but also help reduce operational costs too. The dream of a ‘paperless’ office may not be feasible in reality but a ‘less paper’ office print solution is certainly achievable.

In simple terms, by allowing ASL Group to set up and manage an office print system rather than using desktop printers, you will make great strides towards cutting print waste. A managed print service will give true clarity on usage which will then allow you as a business to see where you can improve in this area. Our innovative ‘PaperCut’ software can be setup on your print network to limit the amount of printing allowed and thereby reduce waste.

Optimisation is key

When we are setting up your print system, we will first look at optimising what you will have. This involves replacing any old machines with faster, more efficient units. These new machines will be much more energy efficient which will see you be kinder to the environment compared to using older machines.

You will also find that with a managed print service system in place, staff will naturally print less. By introducing the need to actually think before you print, you will be able to reduce your print waste in this way.

Helpful advice for future use

Here at ASL Group, we can also offer practical tips to help cut back on your print waste. Using the standby mode on your printer is a great idea as it will use much less energy overall than leaving it fully ready all day. Many of our modern machines only use 1 watt of power in standby mode and are print ready in a second for fast results.

Using thinner, recycled paper is another great way to cut back on the energy your printers use and therefore the waste you might have if you do not. Recycled paper is a no-brainer in terms of protecting the environment but using thinner paper is key too. Less material is printed on each page of thinner paper making it a much greener solution.

If you have a duplex function on your printer then use it. This will mean you print on both sides of the paper, halving the amount you use. Obviously, this is superb for the environment and will bring your print waste right down.

These kinds of tips are great for reducing print waste and just the sort of thing ASL Group managed print services can help with.

Get in touch with us today!

If you are looking at ways to cut back on the print waste in your business, then get in touch with us today. Our ultra-modern and energy efficient machines are available to buy or lease for instant results. The managed print service we offer will really help you identify where you can improve and make real gains. Let ASL Group help that dream of a ‘less paper’ office print solution become a reality.