The skills gap has been causing issues for both employers and staff for over six years. The introduction of new job roles, lack of investment in training and no desire to pursue a career in skilled trades have all been contributing factors.

ASL is helping to bridge the skills gap by creating opportunities for young people and existing staff via its apprenticeship programme. By addressing the need for professional experts, ASL has recognised the opportunity to better understand the needs of its organisation enables it to position its workforce for a successful future.

The company took on its first apprentice in 2012 and since then has offered extensive apprenticeship opportunities in business administration, human resources and leadership management. ASL’s apprentices get real-world industry experience and in return ASL get to grow its own talent and retain staff. ASL appreciates that its apprentices have only just started their journey into business however are expecting outstanding results.

Mandy Dunn, HR manager at ASL said, “We currently have eight employees undertaking apprenticeships to upskill and gain qualifications. This is a great uptake, good use of apprenticeship funding and demonstrates our commitment to learning and development.

“We look to recruit staff with proactive attitudes as we have ambitious growth plans and commit to exceeding customer expectations.”

If you are interested in a career with ASL, take a look at our current vacancies.