Probably one of the most important factors in eliminating paper waste is through the use of “follow-me printing”, which eliminates the common occurrence of “print and forget”.

When a printer job is sent to a network-enabled MFP, the document is only released when a user authenticates at the device. Documents not printed after a certain amount of time are then automatically deleted.

The added bonus of “follow-me printing” is that documents can be released at any location within the network, promoting user mobility. This not only reduces paper waste by eliminating uncollected output, it promotes document security and mobile working. All future MFP devices can have this feature embedded and we are sometimes able to retro fit to current devices.

PaperCut print management software is ideal for businesses of all sizes and actively encourages the responsible use of company resources, creating an environmentally friendly workplace. PaperCut print management release software provides a simple solution that places jobs in a holding state until the user authenticates and releases the job at the printer.

User benefits include:

  • Secure print management – sensitive jobs will not sit uncollected on the printer; jobs only print when released by the user
  • Follow-Me Printing – provides a roaming print solution where users print to a single queue and jobs will be “pulled” to any printer where they authenticate
  • Reduced wastage- no more uncollected jobs; no wasted paper or toner

Green IT should no longer be an afterthought behind cost reduction – more businesses now consider sustainability as a key priority due to combined customer demands and new regulations on carbon trading. According to Ricoh, sustainability is a key part of almost 80 per cent of MPS tenders with a typical weighting of 35 per cent, from about 10 per cent a few years ago.

As sustainability rises up the agenda, so we expect the capability to quantify the environmental impact of the print environment to meet reporting requirements.

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