ASL recently sponsored the Southport Learning Trust fundraiser. We donated £1,000 to Southport Learning Trust to purchase the t-shirts pictured below for Bedford Primary Schools #kNOwknifecrime campaign. The fundraiser aimed to educate our community on the dangers of knife crime and raise funds to purchase Bleed Kits that could be used in the event of someone being stabbed. Their ambition is for the kits to be hosted by retailers and public venues in our community, especially in places where young people may be vulnerable or gather in larger numbers.

The event successfully raised an impressive amount of £5,281!

We would like to thank our partners ASL for once again sponsoring our #kNOwknifecrime event and the t-shirts we ran in on the day linking all our schools in the Trust. Our joint efforts raised over £5000, which will ensure Bleed kits and boxes are prominent in our communities in the event of a stabbing which could ultimately save a life.– Ian Raikes, CEO at Southport Learning Trust

To donate, please click here: Southport Learning Trust fundraiser | Charity Champions Liverpool & the North West | Radio City and Greatest Hits Radio Liverpool & North West Cash for Kids – Cash for Kids (